Old friends and new clothes!


I’ve had a lovely weekend away since my last blog – I went to Whitby! It was a long-awaited reunion with two of my oldest friends, Dione and Gillian. We met in our first year at university, at Trinity College, Dublin, and we’ve been friends ever since, so for almost 40 years now. We normally have a weekend away together every year, but the pandemic scuppered that for the past two years, so we were so excited to be able to finally meet up and spend some quality time together.

I’d never been to Whitby before – we chose it because Gillian lives in Edinburgh, I’m in Gloucestershire and Dione lives in Kent, so we wanted somewhere roughly equidistant. I’m sure lots of you know it, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and was so very pleasantly surprised. I love Yorkshire anyway, and I love being by the sea, so it was the perfect choice. We spent some delightful hours wandering around the cobbled streets, admiring the Gothic architecture and climbing up the East Cliff to the ruins of Whitby Abbey (which was actually Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula!). It’s clearly a very popular place for a day trip – it was VERY busy on the Saturday – so next time I would probably visit a little bit more out of season, but it was still a wonderful weekend.

It was great to have the time out because life is very busy at the moment. I have been part of a team working on a huge project at work for the past year, and that is just reaching its culmination, so I will be very excited to be able to share that with you very soon. I also have my new book The Murder List coming out next week, and I’m in the final weeks of training for my next big charity ultramarathon in mid-June. And then of course there is all the everyday work at QVC, which is as busy and fun as always!

I always love working with my buddy Ruth Langsford, and she has her latest Today’s Special Value offer coming up over the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend (it launches on Friday night; I’m off that day, but I will be with her on-air for two hours from 11 am on Saturday). This time she’s bringing us the perfect summer jumper, a gorgeous, lightweight, cotton-rich V-neck style (it has a V at both the front and the back). It’s actually a cotton/viscose mix but has the appearance of linen knitwear and is super soft and comfortable. There’s a fabulous choice of colours too: Cornflower Blue, Candy Pink, Citrus, Orange Sorbet, White or Navy.

The other offer I have my eye on over the next week is an excellent combined Today’s Special Value offer from Ultrasun and Skinsense. The brands are both brought to us by Abi Cleeve, and this time she has put them together in a 5-Piece Anti-Pigmentation Collection. From Skinsense, there’s a very exciting new anti-pigmentation perfecting serum, plus the highly active day cream and my favourite double strength retinol serum. And then from Ultrasun, we’ll get the anti-pigmentation face SPF 50 and another of my favourites, the anti-pigmentation handcream with SPF 25. You may have seen me talking about this on-air and showing you the amazing results I have had on my hands! It isn’t always in stock so I’m so excited to see it in this collection. If pigmentation is an issue for you, as it is for me, I can’t recommend these products highly enough. The offer launches on Tuesday night and will be on air through the day on Wednesday, or while stocks last.

That’s it for now – I hope you have some nice plans for the Jubilee weekend. I will be working the Saturday and Sunday, but I have the Thursday and Friday off and I’m hoping to get together with some friends and enjoy some live music and celebrations in one of our local parks, which should be fun. Whatever you’re doing, I hope you have a lovely relaxing time.

See you soon!

Love, Jackie x

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  1. What a tease you are Jackie can’t wait to see what is coming. Excitedly awaiting delivery of Murder List. Glad you had a good catch up with friends.We have 2 days of music and food by the sea here in Seaton and lots of street parties something for everyone. Look forward to seeing you on tv again soon. Love Sue xxx

    1. Hi Sue
      Haha! I will be able to talk about it soon! Music and food by the sea sounds absolutely perfect, have a lovely time. I have the Thursday and Friday bank holidays off but I will be at work Saturday and Sunday so maybe see you then!

  2. It amazes me how much energy and zest for life you have Jackie. Its lovely to see your positivity. Im really looking forward to reading your new book. I love your partnership with Ruth 💗💗 Im looking forward to seeing the TSV
    Wishing you lots of luck for the Ultra Marathon. Have a great Jubilee break.

    1. Ahhh thank you, Rock Nan! Thank you for your support. Hope you enjoyed the Jubilee weekend!

  3. Hi Jackie
    You have so much energy and work so hard. How do you fit everything in??
    I’m not as fit as I used to be having been diagnosed with Breast Cancer a few years ago.
    I watch you every week with Ruth and love the chemistry between you both. I hope Ruth will be able to take her fashion show to other places- maybe Wales??
    I’ve pre- ordered your book and can’t wait to receive it next month. I already have The Perfect Couple.
    Take care and good luck with your Ultra Marathon.
    Julie xx

    1. Hi Julie,
      I don’t sleep as much as I should, I think that’s how I manage to fit everything in, although it’s probably not good for me! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been ill. I’m very glad to hear that you enjoy watching QVC and yes I think that if this year goes well Ruth is definitely considering taking her show to other UK locations, so watch this space! And I hope you enjoy the book – let me know what you think! Thank you so much for getting in touch.

  4. Jackie I am not sure ho to contact you on Ruth’s show. I know you read out loads of messages. Is it Whats app Twitter or Instagram I am really hoping the white snake wedge trainers are coming back. I need to go up a size and was too late.Thanks. Sorry to use incorrect method but desperate!

    1. Hi Valerie, sorry, I have only just seen this message! We tend to use both Twitter and WhatsApp on air – however I believe all of Ruth‘s trainers are on constant re-order, but it is just taking a while for them to come back into stock.
      If you keep checking though I am sure you will get lucky eventually! Fingers crossed.

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