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Just a quick update from me today – hope everyone is well. Regular QVC viewers will, I’m sure, have noticed the Revitalise Your Wellbeing campaign that’s been running both on-air and online as we head into this new year. I was delighted to be asked to be a part of this – as many of you know I’m a keen runner, and a huge believer in the benefits of physical activity not just for the body but for the mind.

But of course it’s not just all about exercise – I am very aware that many people are simply not able to be very active – and the New Year campaign is about wellbeing on every level, whether that’s supplements and good healthy food, better skincare, more “me time“, or making your home into a calmer, more peaceful space. None of this is easy – life tends to get in the way! But even little changes can make a big difference. You will see various video clips popping up over the next couple of months, featuring some familiar QVC faces including presenters, guests and models, and there are even some lovely QVC customers who took part as well. Here is just one example – look out for these and I hope you may find some useful tips in them.

Revitalise Your Wellbeing with QVC UK

Our guests and presenters share how they take of their wellbeing

One of my biggest issues is finding time to relax and recharge my batteries; I basically work seven days a week, because when I’m not at QVC, I’m at my writing desk at home, with a book deadline always looming. So one of the things I’m determined to do this year is to take some time out every now and again and spend a day doing something fun.

My husband and I have always loved Harry Potter, so last week we headed off to the Warner Bros “The Making of Harry Potter Experience” near Watford. Honestly, it was just amazing! It’s not cheap to get in, but you can spend hours there wandering around some of the original sets from the movies, like The Great Hall, Diagon Alley (see photo below) and Gringotts Wizarding Bank (that’s me above in the bank having a chat with one of the goblin bank tellers!).

All the original costumes and props are there, and it’s just mind blowing to see how many there are and how incredible the attention to detail is. There are lots of behind-the-scenes videos too, revealing some of the secrets behind the filming. I absolutely loved it.

I hope you can find some time to relax this month – I’ll speak to you soon.

Love Jackie x

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  1. You have every authority Jackie Kabler to buy the Nina Leonard “power” black and white outfit.
    Hope you decided to buy it. Best wishes x

    1. Haha thanks! It was rather fabulous wasn’t it? I didn’t buy it unfortunately but I probably should have!

  2. Yes you should of bought the NL dress its fab. Its wonderful at Warner Harry Potter I love it there. You can always come and visit me in my Hogwarts 😍

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