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I’ve had a little mini-break since my last blog. I haven’t had any time off work since May so it’s felt like a very long summer, and now that September is here we decided it was time to take a couple of trips. On Friday we headed off to a country house hotel in Wiltshire (only an hour or so from where we live, but hey, a break’s a break!) for two nights and it was just lovely.The weather was unexpectedly sunny and we just chilled out, had some lovely food and slept a lot! In fact, on both days I had an afternoon nap, which is very unlike me. I think it was my body’s way of telling me I need to rest more, so I will try hard to listen! I loved just wandering around with no real purpose for a change; my very tall hubby just about fitted through some of the doors and I found a new friend (I’d love a big sculpture like this (pictured above) in my garden… maybe one day).

I’m back at work for a week now and then we’re off again to spend a few days in Wales – or at least, that’s the current plan. I’m hoping there won’t be any further lockdowns but who knows? I think we have to accept at the moment that all plans are subject to last minute change unfortunately.

Anyway,  before I go off again I just wanted to tell you about a few things coming up at QVC this week. Friday’s Today’s Special Value offer is a hot air hairstyler called the Revamp Progloss. It’s purple (love purple!) and comes with five different attachments, four heat settings and two speeds for creating curls, waves, flicks, bounce and volume. We tried it out in the QVC make up room and Natalie very quickly created this wavy look for me (see little video and photo).

Jackie Kabler tests the Revamp Progloss

QVC presenter Jackie Kabler tries out the Revamp Progloss hair styler – the upcoming Today’s Special Value offer.

The price of this will be pretty amazing, so if you’ve fancied getting a styler like this but maybe something like the Dyson Airwrap is out of your price range, you may want to take a close look!

On Saturday Ninja bring us the Health Grill, a really clever bit of kitchen equipment which works not just as a grill but also air fries, bakes, roasts, reheats and dehydrates! That means you can barbecue your sausages, burgers and steaks indoors (the grill plate holds up to six burgers at a time), create low-fat versions of your favourite fried foods (it uses up to 75 per cent less fat than deep frying), roast your Sunday meat joint, bake a sweet treat, reheat leftovers and dehydrate fresh ingredients to make things like dried herbs, all with one machine. It’s very impressive and so easy to use too, with touchscreen control.

And finally just a quick mention for Elemis fans… Sunday sees the latest Today’s Special Value offer from the brand, with a four-piece Pro-Collagen Collection, so don’t miss that.

That’s it for now… see you during the week!

Love Jackie x



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