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Since my last blog I’ve finally done something I’ve wanted to do for ages – run a 50km ultramarathon! If you’re not familiar with the term, an “ultra” race is anything longer than a marathon, so any event longer than 26.2 miles (50km is just over 31 miles). Some of you might remember the first time I attempted to do this, a couple of years back. It didn’t go very well;  I only run off-road, so only enter trail races, never road races, which means the terrain is often quite rough, and I managed to fall in a wood just four miles in.  I hurt myself rather badly, but ran on for 20 miles, when I was “persuaded” to stop by medics because I was bleeding so much from deep cuts to my hand and leg, and had to head off to A&E.

I was planning to try again last March but of course that was cancelled due to the first lockdown. But now – I’ve done it, and I didn’t fall over! I did get some bad leg cramps at the 28-mile point but otherwise it was OK (yes, pretty hard at points, but largely enjoyable!) and I’m so chuffed to have finally got my hands on that medal. If you follow me on Instagram (@officialjackiekabler) you’ll have seen this little account I wrote after the race, but I know lots of you aren’t on social media so I’ve reproduced it here. This is how it went:

13.1 miles/21km: half marathon point – feeling good!
20 miles/32km: legs a teeny bit tired now.
26.2 miles/42km: I’ve run a marathon. I’ve run a marathon and now I have to KEEP RUNNING? WHOSE STUPID IDEA WAS IT TO DO THIS? Oh. Mine.
28 miles/45km: I hate this. I’m hating every minute of this. In fact, I hate running. I AM NEVER RUNNING AGAIN AFTER TODAY.
30 miles/48km: Hmmmm. I might actually be able to do this…
31 miles/50km: YESSSSSSS! I DID IT! Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it? When’s the next one?

I’ve vowed to stick to shorter distances for the rest of this year, but we will see…!

Meanwhile at home we’ve been working on the garden for the past two and a bit years since we moved in to our new house.  It’s definitely taking shape beautifully now but the old patio is rather tired, so that’s next on the list ahead of the good weather (fingers crossed…come on, sunshine!). One way to really give your outside space a facelift is to use accessories, a bit like you would indoors, but I’ve never tried an outdoor rug before. There’s a Kelly Hoppen indoor/outdoor reversible rug Today’s Special Value offer coming up on Wednesday 26th May so I took one home to try out, and I like it! It makes the outdoor space feel quite cosy, even on a dull day. It comes in three colours – Charcoal Neutral, Dark Grey and this one, Beige Cream, and three sizes. And it’s wipe clean, so no worries about spillages, whether it’s in your garden or living room.

Just a couple of other QVC-related things to tell you before I finish. If you love jewellery, and don’t already follow the lovely Kathryn Goldsmith on social media (@KathrynGoldsmit on Twitter and @kathryn_goldsmith on Instagram), you really should as she’s now officially QVC’s Jewellery Insider, bringing you all the latest jewellery news and giveaways too. Of course, she’ll be revealing all on her blogs here too so don’t worry if you’re not on social media. (It’s only just occurred to me how very appropriate her surname is – how funny!)

And finally, a great new section on the QVC website. If you’ve missed a Today’s Special Value or Big Deal offer, do check out this page. On it you’ll find previous offers brought back at special prices, so you may well find that thing you thought you’d missed! Great idea.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!

Love Jackie x


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  1. Congratulations Jackie on your achievement!
    It’s really nice that Kathy Tayler received so many tributes not only from the viewers, but also from her QVC colleagues. I well remember her back in the TV AM days, and I always thought she seemed a genuinely nice person. Seems I was right!
    Anyway, thanks for keeping us all entertained with your blogs Jackie.

    Take care.

    Graham x

    1. We all love Kathy! We miss her but she’s already having a lovely retirement so we’re delighted for her. Thanks for the kind words Graham.

  2. Well done! I think I do well getting to 10,000 steps per day but then I have never run, just walk the dog.

    1. Walking the dog sounds perfect Anne, I’d love a dog – maybe one day when I’m at home a bit more often!

  3. Hi Jackie
    Many congratulations on completing your ultramarathon – that is certainly an achievement to be proud of 👏
    Wishing you all the best
    Jules x

  4. Such a great achievement Jackie. Sheer determination paid off. Brave to run again after your bad fall last time! Well done to you!
    I love Jackie she is so funny and down to earth. I do most of my shopping now on QVC as its such good value great brands and with the 60 day money back its a win win situation.
    Thank you Jackie & QVC for the new link incase Ive missed anything 😍

    1. Ahhh thank you! And glad to hear you enjoy QVC and the shopping! Thanks for getting in touch.

  5. Well done 👏 Jackie, you are a true inspiration for others to try the sofa to 5k I have got as far as downloading the app but at almost 70 and bad knees not sure if to try or not I do walk a great deal daily
    Take Care lovely Lady xx

    1. Hi Linda, well, walking is great too! I think couch to 5km is a fantastic app – it didn’t exist about 15 years ago when I started running but lots of people seem to do really well with it. Thanks for getting in touch.

  6. Hi lovely lady you must be very happy and proud of yourself.Very well done! Like to keep myself slim but do so by walking always hated running but admire people who do.Congratulations! X

    1. Awww thanks Betty! Yes I’m pleased I managed to do it without falling over this time! Walking is great exercise too so keep it up.

  7. Well done Jackie, you have done absolutely amazing, I’m sure many of us couldn’t do anywhere near what you have done & even after falling.
    Wishing you all the best for any future shorter runs you do.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine! I do love running. It’s better without the falling over though!

  8. Absolutely amazing Jackie!! I can’t imagine running that far although I said the same about one mile when I first started running nearly a year ago and now I’m doing 10ks! You’re an inspiration!!
    Love Kim x

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