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I haven’t been on air at QVC much for the past two weeks because I’ve been on jury service. I can’t really say anything else about that as there are very strict rules and because as I write this I’m still halfway through the second week; suffice it to say it’s the first time I’ve been called and it’s been an experience!

Since my last blog I have, of course, been running again (I bet you’ll be very glad when this year is over and I stop going on about running quite so much!). I’m now just 70 odd miles away from my 1,000 mile target for the year and have also just passed my £1,000 fundraising target for Headway UK so I am absolutely thrilled to bits. Just one more final push and I should hit the 1,000 miles in a race I’m doing on 11th November.

Your support has been incredible – thank you so very much and please keep your fingers, toes and everything else crossed for me that nothing goes wrong in the next couple of weeks and I make it to the end! Here are a few photos from the X-Run, a half marathon I did since my last blog (also, on a more frivolous note, our fabulous make up artist June braided my hair at work the day before; it survived several hours of live TV, numerous clothing changes, a night in bed AND running a half marathon and was still firmly in place – amazing!).

By the way have you managed to listen to any of the new Inside QVC podcasts yet? I’ve listed to them all so far and they are fascinating – they are brilliantly hosted by the lovely Will Gowing and I’ve learned so many new things about people I thought I knew quite well! The one that went live earlier this week actually features me (thanks for having me, Will, we had a lovely chat!) and you can download it from wherever you get your podcasts from or just listen on the QVC website here.

OK, time for a couple of my QVC picks for the week ahead! Monday 4th November sees a lovely Today’s Special Value offer from MarlaWynne. It’s a stretch velvet top with a chiffon hem detail. Velvet is big again this winter and perfect for the festive season and this top comes in a choice of five great colours – classic Black, rich Burgundy, stylish Olive, chic Champagne and pretty Rose. I’d be wearing this with some faux leather leggings and a statement necklace for a night out.

On Sunday 10th its time for the big one of the year from Elemis! You can preorder it on the QVC website from Monday 4th if you want to get ahead – what an incredible offer! It’s a SEVEN piece complete skincare, bath and body regime in a choice of two options, Skin Nourishing or Modern English Rose. It comes with  a lovely cosmetics bag, box and gift bag in case you want to split the collection up for gifts. It’s pretty amazing.

Right, I’m off to court. See you soon!

Love Jackie x


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  1. Hi Jackie,
    Hope court is going ok! It’s a bit scary!
    I can’t believe you’re nearly at the end of your enormous running challenge!! You are a true inspiration. The word is so overused I think but you really are. I love the cause and it’s quite under marketed so well done for highlighting it. You’ll be glad when it’s over but I’m sure you’ll keep running!!x

    1. Hi Susan, court was really interesting although quite gruelling (tough case). And that’s so kind of you, thank you. Everyone has been so supportive, it’s been amazing. (And yes, I will carry on running. Maybe just not quite so much!).

  2. Go girl you can do it enjoy your run I have also done jury service having to stand up and read with a bible in your had I was nervous

  3. Wondered where you were, thought you might be I’ll as several people going down with coughs and colds. I was picked for jury service once and was not picked for any cases! Spent 10 days chatting and playing cards!

  4. Hi Anne, yes lots of illness around but not me so far…fingers crossed! And gosh how boring! Luck of the draw I suppose!

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