Secret Santa, 2020 style!


It’s Christmas NEXT WEEK… how did that happen? Having said that, I am pretty organised now, with just a few little stocking fillers left to buy. It’s obviously going to be a very different Christmas this year, but I did manage to meet up with a friend for a socially distanced Christmas lunch last week. Being in Tier 2, we had to meet outside so we sat outside a cafe in Covent Garden in our big coats and tried not to shiver too much! It was freezing and so we didn’t last as long as we would have liked but it was lovely just to be able to see each other, enjoy the beautiful decorations around us and exchange gifts.

And speaking of exchanging gifts, have you seen the “Secret Santa” video on the homepage of the QVC website yet? It features me, Craig, Miceal and Chloe and it’s a mini drama about doing a Secret Santa 2020 style, via a Zoom call!

It’s Secret Santa – 2020 style!

Join QVC Presenters Jackie Kabler, Miceal Murphy, Chloe Everton and Craig Rowe as they exchange Secret Santa gifts the new way!

I’ll let you into a little secret – although it looks like we were all chatting together and having fun, we actually had to film our parts in this separately. In fact, we all filmed on different days, in different parts of the QVC building, and then it was very cleverly edited together. We were all amazed at how well it worked when we saw it, even with our slightly (very!) dubious acting skills! We are all good friends though which helped a lot and so we think it would have looked very similar if we HAD been able to film it together! It’s just a bit of fun to reflect these strange times; it’s amazing how we as a society seem to have adapted to this “new normal”, although I think most of us at this point would welcome the “old normal” back with open arms. Fingers crossed for 2021, eh?

Before I go just a quick mention of a big offer from Shark coming up on Sunday 20th. It’s the Duo Clean Corded Stick Vacuum which is just amazing at removing dirt from both hard floors and carpets – friends who have pets say its invaluable when it comes to pet hair, and it’s fantastic for those with allergies too. It’s also got the rather wonderfully named “Flexology”, a flexible wand which bends so you can clean easily under low furniture like beds and coffee tables, plus the famous Anti Hair Wrap technology to stop hair tangling up in the brush roll. And it converts easily to a handheld too, so it’s easy to do stairs and upholstery. I’m always so impressed when I see Shark vacuums being demonstrated on air, so if you need a new vacuum cleaner for the New Year, don’t miss this offer at the weekend.

Take care, stay warm.

Love Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie it certainly looks like you get on well together must be great working for QVC. Can I ask you on your previous blog one wall is brick is it real or wallpapet? Your home looks beautiful .I am thinking of doing one wall in my dining room brick wallpaper if it is wallpaper can you tell me the make.Have a lovely Xmas and hea!thy new year .Love your shows so natural. Xx

    1. Hi Betty
      Thanks so much for the kind words! The brick is actually a wallpaper but I’m afraid I can’t remember the make. There are quite a few options out there though if you have a look at some of the big wallpaper websites. Hope you have a happy Christmas!
      Love J x

    1. Hi
      It’s a very old one and has no label in it so I don’t know where I got it I’m afraid! Happy new year!

  2. Hi Jackie

    I have just watched the fabulous show that you and the wonderful June from Frank Usher presented. I am not on social media, but just wanted to wish you and all the QVC presenters a very Happy Christmas. I know many viewers have tweeted this, but watching QVC has helped many of us during this difficult year. The banter and giggles between you have provided some welcome relief and the Secret Santa video on your website made me smile – especially Micael wearing lipgloss 😀

    Best wishes and stay safe

    Love Jules x

    1. Hi Jules,
      That’s very lovely of you, thank you! Hope you had a nice Christmas and let’s hope this year is a much better one for all of us. And thank you so much for watching us here at QVC – we appreciate your support so much. Here’s to 2021!

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