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Hi everyone,

And so it continues, this strange new world. I hope you are OK,  and managing to find some small joys in amongst all the worry and sadness. I’m very much of the mindset that you can find something positive in every day, no matter what, and my garden continues to be a huge comfort, with the bulbs I planted last year now bringing such glorious colour. We bought this ape statue a few months ago and he sort of sums up what I feel like when I listen to the news these days (!!) but it’s lovely to see the bright pink tulips popping up next to the old tree stump behind him!

With all the garden centres closed I’ve been buying a few plants and so on online – we have some fantastic choices and offers in our QVC garden department at the moment so do have a browse if you need anything for your “outdoor room”.

I’m trying to stay as active as possible despite all the constraints, and have registered as a volunteer locally to help anyone who needs help with shopping, collecting prescriptions and so on as lockdown continues, a great service organised by the parish council to help the elderly and vulnerable. People pulling together like this is a such a wonderful thing to come out of what’s going on.

I’ve also very much been enjoying chatting to lots of you and enjoying book recommendations on my new book club on Instagram. Thanks so much to everyone who’s joined in so far – I’m @officialjackiekabler on Instagram if you love books and would like to take part! In other book news, my new book The Perfect Couple is out this Friday the 17th in ebook and audiobook, with the paperback to follow in the summer – eeek, I always get so nervous!

Jackie Kabler’s Book Club

Join QVC presenter Jackie Kabler’s book club on Instagram @officialjackiekabler if you love books and would like to take part.

There’ll be no book launch celebration this time of course (well, just a mini one at home!). With all the lovely weather over Easter we would normally have been socialising and barbecuing with friends then too but not this year. We did however have “virtual drinks” with some friends online, using the Houseparty app – I think it and the Zoom app must be among the most downloaded out there at the moment, everyone seems to be using them to stay connected!

Six of us “got together” for drinks including me and hubby, my presenter buddy Chloe Everton and Clare, one of our producers, last Thursday night (see photo!). Even though we were hundreds of miles apart it was lovely – we even took a quick break to go out and clap for the NHS at 8pm (my husband and many of our friends are doctors and nurses and I have been clapping until my hands are sore every week, as I know many of you have too) and then came back inside and resumed the “party”! Isn’t technology fantastic?

And of course we at QVC are still working, and so glad to have your company.  So, onwards we go. We have a light box in our hallway at home and I always like to have a funny or uplifting message on it. I changed it the other day to read “This too shall pass”.  And it will, you know.

Stay safe and much love to you all.

Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie, I pre – ordered your latest book & it’s just been downloaded today. Can’t wait to read it, with the lockdown I’m getting thro loads of books.

    1. Hi Elaine, thank you! I really hope you enjoy it. I’m reading a lot too and I’ve also started a little book club on Instagram so if you use it do come and join me…a new video goes up every Friday! Stay safe.

  2. Hi Jackie,
    I love your bright pink tulips and stone monkey! You are a tonic and I could listen to you all the time…if we didn’t have to work! How is your husband coping with corona? You must be so proud and yet concerned as we all are. Ive been wondering how Kathy’s doctor daughter is especially as she’s pregnant.
    Take care and congratulations on the book x

  3. Hi Susan, he’s ok thank you…tired I think but that’s to be expected! It’s not easy for any of our wonderful key workers, we owe them so much. Hope you are safe and well.

  4. Jackie, I’ve loved your approach to life ever since the infamous pinky winky meltdown with Richard J, but today you made my day. I’m watching the dermaplane deal of the week presentation and you just told us it’s there “while stocks last “. So what, I hear you say, but it puts my teeth on edge every time a presenter says “UNTIL stocks last “. Thank you for making this grammar geek a happy woman today; yesterday was a struggle but today now seems a lot more promising! Much love, SheMag x

    1. Shemag, I’m a grammar geek too so I feel your pain! “Would of” and “could of” drives me crazy! And “less” and “fewer” being misused, etc etc. And yes some days are ok at the moment and some just aren’t, it’s a funny old world we’re having to live in. Keep smiling, we’ll get through it!

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