Still not running but finding joy in a jumpsuit!


In my last blog I told you I was hoping to run at a small, socially distanced running event at the weekend – well, the event happened but in the end I couldn’t go, AAARGH! I was so looking forward to it but I still have tendonitis in my leg/foot and my physio told me I couldn’t run for at least another two weeks. I asked my podiatrist too (hoping for a different verdict…!) and he said the same. So I still can’t go for even a short run which makes me VERY GRUMPY.

I’ve been distracting myself with lots of gardening – we now have some blueberries on a bush which wasn’t even supposed to fruit until next year so that’s a bonus, and for the first time ever I’ve grown cucumbers! I love a cucumber salad so I can’t want to try these.I know it’s still summer (really hoping for a nice sunny August) but in the fashion world they’re already preparing to get the autumn/winter fashion out there and we are the same at QVC. My buddy Ruth Langsford has a Today’s Special Value offer coming up which will take us nicely into autumn and I’m so excited about this one because it’s her first jumpsuit!

I LOVE a jumpsuit and this is such a nice one with a shirt-style collar and pockets. She’s done it in a fabulous Animal Print, a Cobalt Blue (see photos – those are my two favourites) and also in Black, Taupe, and a Red Print. As she often does she’s also given us Petite, Regular and Tall lengths (I’m five foot ten and wear the Tall). I’ll be launching this with Ruth on the evening of Friday 14th but it’s available from Thursday 13th if you want to get ahead and order one early. I suspect it’s going to be very popular.

She’s also bringing us a new denim shirt which I absolutely love. It’s got popper style buttons and is super soft. If that’s as popular as her denim jacket, it won’t be in stock for long!

Just one other great buy to draw your attention to – if you love Liz Earle you won’t want to miss out on the Big Deal from the brand which launches today (Monday 10th August) for a limited time only. It’s their Beauty Icons Four Piece Collection and includes all the hero products – limited edition Grapefruit and Patchouli Cleanse & Polish with two muslin cloths, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair moisturiser in a choice of three formulations, and Eyebright eye lotion.

And that’s it for now.

Lots of love

Jackie x

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  1. You look fab Jackie, beautiful jumpsuit, I’ll be ordering the animal and the gorgeous blue, Jackie what size are you in,? love the way Ruth and you tell the viewers what size the models are in, this is very helpful.

    1. Hi Jacqueline, thank you! I’m in the small and I’m a size 12 (and the tall length because I’m five foot ten). Animal and blue are my favourites too, hope you like it!

    1. NO NO NO Gillian! Never too old! Ruth is 60 and looks fabulous in a jumpsuit and we have ladies in their 70s and 80s who wear jumpsuits from QVC and love them. Go for it!

  2. Good Lord, Jackie, and I thought pinky winky was a bit naughty. Seriously, I had no idea that cucumbers dangle! Will you be trying your hard at aubergines next?! Looking forward to a day of you and Ruth. You’re a great team! Best wishes for you and your various garden initiatives!

  3. Hi Jackie I love jumpsuits and im 80 and I dont really care what anyone thinks as long as my husband tells me I look ok then I will wear them // my grandaughters all think I look great 1m 5ft 3 and a half and a size 10/12 its funny really because as ive got older ive become more confident so better watch out when im 100 //// sorry to hear about your running but best to take care and it will all be for the good in the end///always love your blogs stay safe and well love Pm xx

    1. Good for you Pam, age shouldn’t be a barrier to ANYTHING! I too feel more confident as I get older and don’t worry anymore about what other people think. Take care and thank you so much.

  4. Hi Jackie, just bought my first ever jumper suit from Kim & Co. V nervous, but excited, was greatly inspired by how amazing you guys look in them and how you all say how comfortable they are. Also would agree you look fabulous in the Ruth’s animal print jumpsuit. Once again Ruth’s nailed it.

    1. Oh that’s great Tracey, really hope you like it! And yes I’m absolutely loving Ruth’s jumpsuits, hope she does more. Let me know how you get on with your jumpsuit, you might be a convert!

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