The countdown commences!


As I write this it’s three weeks until Christmas Eve… gulp, that came around quickly, didn’t it? I’ve done a big chunk of my Christmas shopping now thankfully, and I’ll share some of my QVC purchases with you below, which may be of help if you’re short of ideas for anyone. First though I just have to draw your attention to the most BEAUTIFUL Today’s Special Value offer coming our way on Beauty Day this weekend (Sunday 8th) but available to pre-order HERE now.

You get Tarte’s number one bestseller, Shape Tape concealer, in a choice of ten shades (I wear Medium), plus an application sponge. But the star of the show (see my photos) is the gorgeous glittery box which contains a mini mascara, mini lip gloss and FOUR different eyeshadow and blush palettes, along with a magnetic case so you can take a palette of your choice out and about with you.

The colours! Honestly, they are fabulous. I usually wear a mix of browns, golds and bronzes on my eyes but these colours inspired me to try something different in the make-up room at work and go for greys and blues, and I loved it! Amazing gift or just a massive treat for you this Christmas.

Right, here’s a mini gift guide for you! These are all things I’ve bought from QVC to give as presents this year so I’ll be vague about who they’re for just in case they read this blog…

First, a set of three tins of yummy biscuits from Churchill’s. One will go to an aunt, the other two to friends. The biscuits are divine but it’s all about the tins too and I just loved this funfair design which will look great all through the year.

For little extra gifts for sisters and friends I bought these lovely fragrance crackers from L’Occitane. Each cracker has a mini fragrance inside and they look fab!With a huge family, I always have so many people to buy for (well over twenty nieces, nephews and god-children for a start!) so I sometimes give “couple” or “family” gifts instead of buying for everyone individually. One such couple gift this year is this Seashore Nibbles Bowl from Culinary Concepts. It’s so unusual and stylish, and I hope the couple I’m sending it to love it as much as I do!

A friend who adores Disney (and cuddly toys!) is getting this Plush Soft Toy. I got her Tigger – I’m sometimes likened to Tigger by friends because I bounce around so much, so I’m hoping it will remind her of me whenever she sees it (now, whether that’s a good or a bad thing I’m not sure…!).

Men. So tricky to buy for…why is that, or is it just me? Thankfully quite a few men in my life have asked for toiletries this year which, as I work for QVC, is not a problem! Therefore a few brothers-in-law and nephews will be getting lovely men’s gift sets including this one from Liz Earle – I particularly like the fact that it comes in a box so nice and easy to wrap and post!

And finally for now… call me weird (“YOU’RE WEIRD, JACKIE!”) but I always like to buy a present for the house for Christmas. One year it was a piece of art for the living room, for example. This year, our first Christmas in our new house, it’s actually a gift for the garden and for the birds. It’s this set of two Simon King robin nest boxes. We have the loveliest, tamest robin in our garden who hangs around when we are out there working, hoping we will dig up some worms for his lunch. So I thought I’d give him and his friends a couple of new homes for Christmas too. I can’t wait to see them being used and hopefully seeing some babies emerge next year!

That’s it for now. Happy December!

Love Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie,
    That is a gorgeous gift for the house! Haha! I can’t believe you buy so many gifts! Your purse must take a huge hit! Lovely to have so many family and friends though! I also love your eyes grey! They really go with your lovely blue eyes. Have a lovely Christmas and thank you for being tigger! You’re the best!x

    1. Yes Christmas certainly isn’t the cheapest time of year Susan, eek! Thank you so much…hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas too.

  2. LOL, you’re not weird Jackie, We buy a present for our house too. From us to us kind of thing. This year it’s a bespoke 4ft headboard. Have a lovely Christmas.

    1. Phew…not just me then Nikki! Love the sound of a bespoke headboard! Happy Christmas to you (and your house…).

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