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Hope everyone is well! I’m quite excited as I write this as I’m going to be running my first half-marathon of the year this coming weekend. I haven’t run an official race since the end of October when I did my “Ten in Ten” event (ten half-marathons in ten days in aid of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust) and ended up with a bit of an Achilles tendon injury. It seems to be more or less fine again now though so I’m really looking forward to getting out there again. I’m hoping for a dry day on Sunday although it’s fairly likely to be wet according to the forecast; however, I don’t really mind running in the rain – I got completely soaked on a run last weekend when I managed to go out in just a thin top and no rain jacket and it absolutely poured, so I’m pretty used to it!

Workwise there’s lots going on as always and we have a big two-day Fashion Event coming up on Monday and Tuesday the 21st and 22nd of February. Staying with the fitness theme, the Today’s Special Value offer on the Monday will be from Skechers; it’s a slip-on trainer from their GOwalk range. It will be available in a choice of six colours, and these styles are always really popular – very light, so comfortable and with extremely flexible soles so just perfect for getting those daily steps in or even just for wearing to wander around the house.

Tuesday’s TSV will be from MarlaWynne. It’s a very lovely Abstract Floral Drama Topper in a choice of five colours. I really like this – it’s quite unusual with its big bold design, and ideal as a transitional piece to take us into spring.

Other brands which will be featuring over the two-day event include Finery, Seasalt, Moda in Pelle, Kim & Co and Denim & Co., and we will even see a rare Monday night appearance from Ruth Langsford!  We will be together for an hour at 7 pm.

This coming Saturday however sees a very practical Today’s Special Value offer from Shark. It’s an upright, corded vacuum cleaner absolutely packed with technology. It has an Anti-Hair Wrap feature so hair doesn’t get tangled in the brush roll (ideal if you have pets), a Duo-Clean head to glide over both carpets and hard floors easily, and it comes with three attachments and transforms into a powerful handheld vacuum at the click of a button. Although it is corded, the cord is 8m long so you can move from room to room without unplugging too often, and the machine has an anti-allergen seal which captures and traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner. I took one home to try out (see my little video) and can confirm that it is extremely powerful and also surprisingly quiet.

Jackie tries out the Today’s Special Value offer from Shark

Today’s Special Value offer from Shark – an upright, corded vacuum cleaner

Happy shopping and have a good rest of the month. Spring is on its way!

Love Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie, lovely to hear from you again. I too am excited about this weekend but for a completely different reason, I am going out for lunch on Saturday with my daughters,they are treating me for my birthday,which was in January (!!) but Covid got in the way and then prior engagements they had with their children, haven’t done this since the start of Covid!! I feel like I am creeping out from under a big heavy blanket as I have lots of things planned for this year that obviously haven’t done for ages, even when we were “allowed “ to do things I had to be careful because my husband was poorly but all good now. Hurray. He will be 70 in March so I have booked a 2 night stay at a hotel in Stratford Upon Avon for a surprise. Fingers crossed for the weather but at least plenty to do there. Of course I can’t forget my tickets for the Feeling Fabulous with Ruth (and you) on the afternoon of the 24th! Will be watching you and Ruth this Thursday and next Monday as always, a can’t miss show. Good luck with the run,am sure you will do well and fingers crossed 🤞 for the weather. Take care. Love Debbie x

    1. Hi Debbie, well that all sounds wonderful! How lovely that you can get out and about again and it must be so nice to have so many things to look forward to. And how exciting that you are coming to Ruth‘s event too, that’s great news.
      My run went very well thank you – I will update you in my next blog! Have a lovely week.

  2. Hi Jackie
    I just wanted to wish you all the best for your half marathon at the weekend. I hope the weather isn’t too wet and windy and I also hope you escape any injuries this time – (The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was a very worthy cause to help with your last big run and a real achievement too).
    Take care
    Love Jules

    1. Hi Jules, thank you so much for the kind wishes – it went very well thank you, although it was really tough because it was wet and VERY windy! I did enjoy it though – it was great to be back out there at a formal event. And no injuries to report thankfully! Bring on the next one!

  3. Good luck with your run Jackie the forecast not looking good storm Eunice on her way. Hopefully no injuries looking forward to fashion Mon and Tues will be spending more money Once again good luck. Xxx Sue

    1. Hi Jackie I hope your run goes well and that the weather isn’t too bad. I really wish I had your energy. I am nearly 73 and couldn’t run to save my life! I have, however, bought a rebounder and finding it quite beneficial. It’s gentle on the joints and I’m hoping I can work up gradually.
      I saw you recently advertising Philip Kingsley elasticizer and you were wearing a dark top with three rows of stars around the sleeves. Can I ask if it is a QVC item or your own?
      Keep up the good work. Best regards
      Joan Duval

      1. Hi Joan, a rebounder sounds like great fun, I’ve never tried one but I have heard that they are really good exercise so I’ll have to give one a go one day. My run went very well thank you although the weather was pretty dreadful! I am so sorry but I can’t think at the moment which top you are referring to. It will definitely have been a QVC top because I only wear QVC items on air, but sometimes we change clothes three or four times a day and right now I just can’t think what that top would’ve been. If I remember I will get back in touch with you, sorry!

    2. Hi Susan, it went very well thank you – I will do a proper update in my next blog, but yes it was very wet and very windy so it was hard work! No injuries though so all good! Hope you are enjoying the fashion event and thank you for getting in touch.

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