Don’t underestimate the power of Olive Oyl or olive oil

Many years ago, (well, not that many), when I was training at stage school for musical theatre, I would tie my hair back in a bun or ponytail every day for my dance classes. As I was also slim, I earned the nickname Olive Oyl. For those old enough to remember, Olive was Popeye’s girlfriend and used to fend off the advances of Popeye’s love rival, called Bluto. But thanks to gaining super strength from eating spinach, Popeye the sailor man always won the love battle!

Bt, it’s ironic.

Olive Oyl was actually named after olive oil, and olive oil has played such a huge part in my life since. Don’t panic, not when I’m not cooking, but I subscribe to organic olive oil as a main feature of my nutrition. Over the years since leaving the dance studio, I’ve worked hard to keep myself fit, healthy and slim. So along with Joseph Pilates, Tracy Anderson, Matt Roberts etc, etc, olive oil is also a big part of my health and fitness team!

So, I was intrigued, when I was introduced to Korres, to learn that Olive oil features as their key ingredient within their skincare range.

Giorgos and Lena Korres had a vision from the very beginning. “Natural products can be made from pure botanicals and still be effective, state-of-the-art skincare. All it takes is time, patience and a little love”.

Korres was born in 1996 with a simple philosophy of rooted natural and organic ingredients of premium quality with the power of Grecian organic olive oil from the island of Crete. Still iconic to this day and globally adored, they launched their first ever skincare product, the Wild Rose 24 hour Moisturising and Brightening Cream.

Our Today’s Special Value offer on Wednesday is from Korres, is currently only available at QVC, and it brings you an entire head-to-toe skincare regime to hydrate and revive your skin with their three-piece pure Greek Olive Oil Skincare Collection.

The Korres Olive Crepe Rescue Intensive Body Treatment, for use on the face and the body, is a beautiful rich oil butter with a luxurious rich lather, all thanks to a soft blend of olive oil, blended green olives and shea butter.

The skin is left feeling super soft and hydrated. The Korres Olive Crepe Rescue Intensive Body Treatment brings a complete formula for a well-groomed, dewy, satin smooth comfortable skin look, from a rich oil butter formula.

The Korres Olive Early Harvest Vitality Sheild Booster Oil is powered by the ripe, early harvest olives that have five times the potency of regular olives, vitamin C, vitamin E and a skin boost from every drop packed with anti-oxidants. You can use this alone on you face or mix with your favourite moisturiser. The early harvest of olives really leaves a look of a radiant, healthy, youthful glow. The TSV is available to buy now here.

The results with use are matched by the authenticity of the history of Korrres. The extensive research to source each ingredient is impressive especially when you consider the prices are within such an affordable range.

I simply adore olive oil, but the thought of eating a raw olive makes me shudder. It sits alongside kale in my food shelf, as foods I should like, but just can’t!

So, I’m so truly grateful olives sit at the heart of Korres so I can continue to appreciate my love of olive oil.

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Happy shopping…

Much love and sparkle

Jill (Olive Oyl)


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