Gat It Nau…

The Gatineau Today’s Special Value is often one amongst our beauty brands at QVC that comes a little later, but it’s one that’s always worth waiting for because it’s a brand that thrives on delivering serious anti-ageing results

Are you looking at your skin and thinking I’ve seen no change this year and you’re buying the same skincare over and over? Then seriously look in the mirror and think okay what does your skin need?

You may want to take this chance on a whim, and jump on board the Polar Express and spend the Christmas season experiencing over 80 years of rooted beauty that began in Paris with a visionary beauty therapist Madame Jeanne Gatineau. Her passion and expertise in anti-ageing is with you in every precious pot of Gatineau you dip into.

Black Friday here we come with a superb collection offering you Gatineau’s beauty’s best in their range with a head to toe beauty regime, the six-piece Age Benefit Anti-Ageing Icon Collection on Sunday 29th November. It’s the first time Gatineau have offered a six-piece collection and inside is something new and indulging for you to try.

Let me take you through your beauty regime.

Cleanse away all the grime and make-up with the new soothing, gentle formula of Therapie Purete Mineraux Marins Gentle Cleansing Foam, creating a beautiful, soft lather from the mineral rich sea spring water.

As a treatment a few times a week to allow the skin on the face and body to look polished, smoothed and refined, gently exfoliate with the Enhancing Gommage and the Therapie Corps Energisante Body Polish. You won’t only believe the difference on how your skin feels but how much better your moisturisers will work and how your foundation will sit and feel on your face.

For the skin of perfection, apply a fine layer of the Perfection Ultime Skin Perfecting Serum then my favourite of all Gatineau moisturisers, where a small amount is all you need, the Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Cream for the face and the eyes. It has the most beautiful texture but most of all it brings results, and this is a brand that is all about results and looking after our anti-ageing concerns.

I really hope you take that chance to see and make a difference

I’ll see you for the launch during our Black Friday weekend this Saturday and Sunday 28th & 29th November with our Guest Andrew.

We have some incredible offers and what a great way to get your Christmas shopping well and truly under way

Sending love and Christmas Sparkle.

Oh and my fine lines are laughter lines and I’m sticking to that!

Happy shopping and don’t forget always love to chat with you on Instagram and Twitter @JFTVQVC


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