Creating peace and Zen in your home

We all need calm, peace and tranquility somewhere in our home, whether it be a small corner indoors or outside. Kelly Hoppen is bringing to you for the first time a Todays Special Value offer with a beautiful Buddha poised to perfection, which you can position indoors or out.

The silhouette of a Buddha is a universal symbol for enlightenment. I love to harmonise my home with my own space that creates some me time. We all need that peaceful corner to evoke a sense of calm, even if it’s just for five minutes, I believe it makes a huge impact on how you feel. After all, our home is our sanctuary. There have been many changes over the last few years, and one we are seeing is people moving home or making big changes in their lives. What a great gift for someone you know who has possibly made one of these changes.

Here are a few ideas on where you may like to place your Buddha.

  • Position facing your entrance, on a taller cabinet to welcome your guests
  • Place outwards in a quiet reading corner of the room
  • In your garden, to create a tranquil space near a flowering plant or near a water feature in your garden
  • Style minimally with possibly a few Kelly Hoppen candies or your own
  • Avoid a bathroom or above a toilet, as you don’t want to be flushing away your calmness


It’s a beautiful piece showing every feature of a beautiful poised Buddha. Join myself and Kelly for the launch at 9pm on 07th July.

Love, calm and peace.

Jill xxx

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  1. Hi Jill, I loved the white blouse you wore the other evening, just wanted where it’s from? Love your style, appreciate it if you could send me the details. Love and light 😘

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