Forever young…

We may not be able to be forever young as our skin matures with nature, but we can damn well look and feel the best we can whatever our age.

Let’s face it, who isn’t young at heart!

Perricone is always my choice of skincare with other collections from different ranges dipped in when in need, or when I need to try something new for you.

If it wasn’t available at QVC it would be unreachable, but that’s what we all love about shopping at QVC. Our value allows us to experience the Rolls Royce of skincare at magnificent pricing…

Perricone is a definite game-changer on the skin but the concept is like no other skincare. There is always a treatment to use every day and night which is a simple application before your moisturiser. Once you start to see the results, you just can’t get off the rollercoaster. I’ve been using the range since I launched it at QVC with Kara Beck, Perricone’s brand ambassador, and I’ve never looked back.

Join myself and Kara on the 25th January at 9pm for our skincare showstoppers from the range with the offer of Auto Delivery on two extra deliveries every 90 days. Now that’s worth an eyebrow raise and a jaw drop, especially when you see the Today’s Special Value includes bestsellers and they’re all SUPERSIZES.

Included in the offer:

1 x Face Finishing Firming Moisturiser (Supersize)

1 x Cold Plasma + Face Serum (Supersize)

1 x Cold plasma + Eye (Supersize)

This will fit into your current skincare routine if you are just joining the Perriconisters skincare lovers for the first time, and it’s also a perfect simple step to great skin.

One tip: you need the smallest amount, so please don’t overuse during your routine as you won’t get better results, but just waste another day of great award-wining skincare.

Use day and night, or if you love your current day or night moisturiser, just use Face Finishing Firming Moisturiser once a day, but always use Cold Plasma+ for the face and the eyes on cleansed dry skin, twice a day underneath your moisturiser.

I always say don’t expect spa-like fragrance in the skincare, expect skincare that really wants to make a difference in your skin and totally challenge it.

I have one of the most sensitive skins and I never thought I’d be able to use this range, but I wanted to with the right routine and small amounts, and gradually adding to the range I’ve never looked back. My skin at 57 this year has never looked and felt so good. It makes you feel so good every time you get a comment on how great your skin looks, and who doesn’t love that!

Join myself and Kara on the 25th at 9pm for the first live show and big reveal of our Perricone Todays Special Value!

Once you get started on the Perricone routine, we’ll show you during our live shows how to use the layering treatments that you may want to add that’ll makes that extra added difference.

Stay healthy and happy and let’s hope 2022 is a good year… gosh, HOPE is such a simple but great word!

Happy shopping.

Much love and sparkle forever.


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  1. Hi Jill yes I adore perricone skin care I was watching a beauty presentation and you were showing it cosmetics foundation with the brush you said you would normally wear the medium tan but you had on the medium it looked really lovely on you amazing your skin was glowing and no lines on your neck area all blended lovely I am getting some for my daughter xxx

  2. Hi Jilly I like you have been a skincare addict all my life used to watch my mamma with her nivea and lippy and was fascinated as a child I brought her her a Chanel 19 powder puff and that was the start of my skincare journey I’m now 59 and am always complimented on my complexion and surprise at my age I loved your forever young as we all children at heart as my nephews and nieces tell me on many occasions I love watching you I always tell my sister it’s like listening to her as your so alike in dress sense likes and dislikes it has me in fits of giggles when I tell my sister as she tells you have excellent taste and style!💯take care Maria

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