Simply beautiful, simply smooth!

That’s right, now you can simply just remove unwanted facial hair that grows and grows and is unwanted. This Friday we’re bringing you a great Today’s Special Value offer,  a handheld cordless beauty tool that even grooms your eyebrows. In order to be able to work with precision, you have an LED light built in, so you won’t miss a single unwanted hair.

Unwanted hair is not only annoying, but it also can also come with a lack of confidence on occasion, and it’s always where we don’t want it. Only YOU know what treatment you’re doing in your own home, and the delivery box from QVC is discreet, not lit up with big letters saying ‘FOR UNWANTED HAIR’.

The simple part is that the tool is rechargeable (takes eight hours to charge and treats for 80 minutes), and it’s cordless, with a large tip for larger areas like peach fuzz, and a precision tip for eyebrows, ear and nose hair. It’s double ended too, so only one tool is needed. You have a choice of six colours options, with a USB charge cable included.

It’s often the simplest, most effective tools with great Today’s Special Value prices that are the best. I can’t wait to show you the results with Lorna Ko on our first live presentation. Happy shopping and, oh, I couldn’t resist: our Neom Big Deal in Blush and Black!

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