The great gift of good skin…

Welcome to the world of super skin, beauty icons and a positive approach to ageing!

Join myself and Caroline Archer at 9pm Saturday 9th July for the Superskin Smooth and Firm edit, a Today’s Special Value offer from Liz Earle. They’re renowned for using naturally active ingredients, giving you the Liz Earle glow for all ages and skin types. With four full-size facial formulas and something new… it’s not to be missed.

We’re so lucky to be launching the NEW smoothing and very satisfying Microdermabrasion Polish to gently buff away those dead skin cells. It has refined particles of natural pumice to do the job for you. The brand is confident that your skin will feel smoother and more polished, and you’ll be on your way to that wonderful glow. Just gently massage a small amount onto damp skin, and if you have the time leave it on for five minutes before you rinse off with warm water.

Cleanse & Polish and Instant Boost Tonic were the first two products in the Liz Earle range. The legendary Cleanse & Polish is where the deep cleansing begins, and it’s used by millions around the world. Its creamy texture helps to soften and purify the skin whilst cleansing. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser? I’ve seen it in many a make-up artist’s kit and in presenters’ cleansing routines. It’s so thorough and even removes the most stubborn of all stubborn eye make-up. And it’s perfect for sensitive eyes too.

It can be used by all skin types and ages and it’s a great way to get teenagers cleansing and then toning, with the iconic Instant Boost Tonic, which hydrates skin to get it ready for your moisturiser. We mustn’t forget how important toning is to the PH balance of your skin. Try missing it out for a few weeks and you’ll soon be back toning, missing that super-hydrated feel of uplifting blends of comforting and hydrating essential oils. I love the way it’s all secure in the twist cap so if we knock it over, we don’t lose half a bottle.

To complete your skincare routine, you have a choice of Liz Earle’s bestselling Intensely Nourishing Superskin Moisturiser. If you aren’t sure which one to go for, join myself and Caroline. She’ll be taking you through your routine so that you make the right choice for your skin, between either Original, which is unfragranced, or Neroli, my personal favourite – never say never to Neroli is my motto. It’s packed with powerful plant ingredients, offering 72 hours of hydration.

This collection is only available at QVC… oh, and we love a bag. It will arrive with a cute stylish vanity bag for home or away! With all my love, happiness and that gift of glowing skin. Happy shopping and see you on the 9th with our delightful brand ambassador Caroline Archer.


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  1. Cant wait Jill. Superskin moisturiser is my top favourite of all moisturisers and the one i always return to. Great set and the bag looks fab. Yes Caroline Archer is a delight to watch and she always explains everything so well and you always end up picking up a new tip or two on use of the products. Roll on the 9th! xx

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