No ‘Botch’ going on here!

I was lucky enough to work with Dr Nassif only a few weeks ago. He’s not only a complete delight to work with; he has a terrific sense of humour and is so incredibly smart by bringing us his years of expertise as a facial plastic and reconstruction surgeon who literally gets right under the skin. He has put all of his years of knowledge into his own anti-ageing skincare range which is power-packed with high performing active ingredients. If your thinking ‘mmmm his name is familiar’, Dr Paul Nassif is famous for the American TV series Botched partnered with his fellow doctor Terry Dubrow.

I haven’t been so intrigued by a new skincare range for such a long time but this one is tickling my taste buds to know more…

Dr Nassif brings us a taste of his collection in his first ever Today’s Special Value here in the UK: Nassif MD Revitalize and Restore Antioxidant Glow Collection

If like me you love high-end skincare and don’t want to pay high end skincare prices, this is a great opportunity to look into Dr Nassif. If you also want to up your skincare game this is a must-have to try! I am just beginning to try the TSV as I love to challenge my skin. So I will share with you my results when I see you on the 26th August at 10pm with Dr Nassif.

Your NassifMD collection includes…

Restorative Antioxidant Night Serum (60ml) is designed to work during the night with tired dehydrated skin, to help soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles, so you wake up to see more radiant, softer-looking skin. One topic I will be discussing with DR Nassif is his 4x antioxidants complex which is key to the serums. Plus: can we use any moisturiser over the serum ? How much do we use?  Do we just use the serum alone? Oh so many questions I will ask for you…

Revitalising Antioxidant Day Serum (60ml). Both serums are lightweight and the daily serum is enriched with with a blend of Vitamins A, C. E , and F . Why these Vitamins? Of course I’ll be asking him all the benefits and how we slot the daily serum into our routine! Gosh so many more questions, so little time, but I’ll manage it for you. You know me, question after question after question after question!

Like you I want answers to ensure we are all making the right purchase when shopping for new skincare.
Many QVC customers say to me ‘I feel you’ve always got our back with your knowledge and questions’. I appreciate that and I’m not afraid to ask, and keep asking if I need more answers from my guests. Trust me, Dr Nassif knows EVERYTHING about his range in such detail, he’ll answer all our questions with ease.

Also included are a tub of 60 Complexion Perfection Detox Pads. They are well-packed to perfection in the tub so they don’t dry out. I suggest you keep the inside lid on and always close securely. They are not over-saturated and having sensitive skin I’ve tried them twice a week and now built up to four times a week and my skin is really seeing a difference in taking away the dead skin cells. It feels much smoother and poreless.  Tiny flaky patches and little bumps under my skin are slowly disappearing.

I’ve always loved a Detox pad but these really up your skincare game and I can’t say I wasn’t nervous using them having sensitive skin but they have given my skin great results so far. How many times a week for each skin type? Of course another question I’ll be asking, as well as if we apply moisturiser over the top ?

Having used these pads along with the serums for the last week one thing I can assure his formulas are hardworking!

I look forward to seeing you all with Dr Nassif at 10pm on the 26th.

Happy shopping,

Much love
Jill x

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  1. Hi Jill, Am really looking forward to seeing this Dr Nassif TSV. I, like you, have sensitive skin and get nervous about new products but this set does interest me. Cant wait. Lovely to see you back on our screens and you are looking fabulous xx

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