Soul to sole


Just the very mention of that five-lettered word has my eyes sharpening, my ears twitching and my heart beating faster.

The few pairs I have, which are my beautiful pieces of art and I care for dearly, take pride of place in my shoe wardrobe. I always make sure they are accessible, not just for wearing, but sometimes, just to stare at and wonder.

I have so much admiration for the artists who create a shoe, a boot or a trainer, with their own strike of style so you instantly recognise the designer. It’s their incredible creative mind that lifts the design from the drawing board and brings it to life to the world of the shopper that makes us feel so special when we slip them on for the first time.

Style versus comfort?

For a devoted shoe lover, it’s style every time. I like pieces that are distinctive, elegant and often with a splash of surprise. But then comfort offers everyday benefits and ease of use. So the answer to the question? Both, if at all possible.

I’d rather purchase new footwear than a new top or a pair of trousers. A change of shoes or boots excites me so much more, and it’s amazing how many friends say to me. “nice top!” or “new trousers?” Little do they know they’ve seen these pieces many times before, but my new shoes completely change the look of my outfit. Handbags can do the same but that’s another story for another day.

Just be smart when shopping for shoes and choose a different style or colour on each purchase and think about quality not quantity. That’s what I do when I’m in shoe shopping mode and the I can see how they are going to work in my wardrobe.

Oh, and please take care of them as we spend our hard-earned money on these precious beauties and it keeps us looking well-groomed each time we wear them.

I keep mine boxed and they are cleaned after they have been out with me for the day or night! I think I might be turning into a bit of a shoe diva! Can we have too many pairs of shoes? Never!

Here’s a pair I have in my QVC shoe wardrobe that I wanted to share with you, they are precious, delightful and quirky. And you know a little bit of sparkle will be sprinkled somewhere, and of course, pink. They’re the Ryanne dressy sandal from Moda in Pelle; they give me shoe envy every time I see them, and then I realise they are sitting patiently in my QVC wardrobe waiting to be worn. I literally pinch myself every time I step into the QVC studios wearing these beautiful shoes.

What’s your love of shopping?

Make sure you enjoy your one and twos!

Sending a heart full of love and sparkle




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  1. Hi Jill, just loving the shoes. I also love shoes and handbags. A girl could have never have enough. Thank you for sharing your blog. Antoinette

  2. I can see you in these ….. Pink, delicate (but with attitude), beautiful … sound familiar? I agree shoes are gorgeous and QVC enable us to access such beauties as yours and I am thankful for that. (Although it seems to be Skechers for me these days.) Continue to enjoy your lovely shoes Jill, you deserve to.

  3. All my life I have loved shoes and handbags, and spent pounds on them, I have now reached the age where comfort is my main aim, but that doesn’t stop me from loving to look at gorgeous shoes and Moda fit the bill wonderfully they are truly gorgeous all of them I have very small feet(size 2) and have great difficulty getting nice ones, but one does try. I think at one time I had over 200 pairs – yes I did say 200. I have given most of them away now as like I said now it is comfort, old age and poverty does that for one. Stay safe and enjoy all your lovely shoes.

  4. I too love shoes, however with passing age, painful feet and legs it is almost impossible to wear the most beautiful shoes QVC has to offer. All I can say to those who are young enough to enjoy the beauty of shoes “just go for it” life and age has a habit of catching up with you. Sadly at 72 with painful feet and legs I can no longer wear the beauties on offer. All I can say is “enjoy” what’s on offer, life just catches you up. I’m not jealous or envious, I just wish I could enjoy looking at my beautiful feet again.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Denise, ‘go for it ‘
      Life just goes so quickly and we have to make the most of every moment ..
      Keep smiling, stay comfy and do it in style with a sprinkle of sparkle

  5. Hi Jill even at my age (80 ) there is nothing like a beautiful pair of new shoes and then throw in a new bag and im one very happy bunny xx Jill please do some more cooking programmes because you make me laugh sooo much and then throw in a gardening one for even more laughs /// love your shows xx

    1. There certainly isn’t ..
      so pleased you have fun with me on Gardening and cooking shows..I’ll try and throw a few more in for you.
      You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself in life huh!
      Keep admiring those beautiful shoes with me

  6. Jill I remember watching you do the Christmas show in July,you laughed so much ou said I don’t believe we are selling Christmas items. I think they had to go for a break.every time I see you I remember it.Lots of love.

  7. Hi Jill,

    Love seeing you on QVC. You have great style and always look impeccably beautiful. Love seeing you in boots.

    Sally x

  8. Hi Jill,
    I always enjoy your shows, full of fun and laughs. U give us so much product info too.
    Watching you tonight with the Moda TSV. OOH! I love Moda and have so many of their shoes, boots and trainers.
    BUT, at 74 with arthritis, I can no longer wear high heels. I’m gutted, I want those gorgeous high heels. Please, please, please ask Moda to make these gorgeous styles in a 4cm heel. Then I’ll rob a bank and buy the lot! Promise! And my girlfriends say the same.
    Love to u dear woman. (Keep putting those pants on your head…) xxx

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