Stack of treasures

Stack of treasures

In the early days of Lola Rose, I received my first piece of jewellery from a friend as a Christmas present and I still receive comments to this day when I wear it. I was even asked if someone could buy it off me whilst on holiday as then they couldn’t buy the brand in the USA at the time. Of course, I could never let it go as it has such a sentimental value to me and is such a beautiful piece.

They are all pieces to treasure and I am so proud of my dear friend Nikki Gewirtz MBE who is a self-taught designer, starting designs from her bedroom and the rest is history. Unique and timeless pieces are always at the heart of the range with the Alfie tumble bracelet being her first design. Her Grandma Lola was such an incredibly stylish and glamorous woman and as Nikki was designing each piece, they reminded her of her Grandma, so she felt she needed to be an integral part of the brand.

Please join myself and Nikki tonight (20th October) at 9pm and midnight as we are bringing you a Lola Rose Today’s Special Value offer you have never seen before. A stack of treasures in six beautiful choices.

Each choice has a special sentimental message from Nikki on the bottom of each treasure box. To give you a little insight I fell in love with the message on the Pink agate. ‘Change and intellect “let your mind sparkle”‘ and I just happen to love pink. So, will you go for the colour or the message?

Black Agate reads: ‘Success and courage “Believe in yourself and you can conquer the world”‘

What do you think the other messages from Nikki read on the other striking four colours? Tune in at 9pm tonight and find out.

Happy shopping and catch up soon

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Much love

Jill X


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  1. Hi Jill Just like to tell you I think YOU Sparkle !! Wonderful to watch you and you give out such Honest advice on the different product!! also your Hair looks Wonderful full of Vitality like you !! enjoy all your informative extra bits on items I love QVC xx Pamela

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