The big screen.

A TV is just a TV with a blank screen until you switch it on and discover hopefully the ultimate experience.

Well, for our Today’s Special Value offer on the 29th July I suggest you grab your favourite drink, get yourself nice and cosy, turn the lights down, flick on the remote control and let the cinema experience begin right in front of your very own eyes. Hisense has at last arrived at QVC.

For five decades they have been committed to developing innovations in consumer electronics. The model we are offering E76GQ creates a true-to-life watching and gaming experience. The one billion beautiful vivid colours bring a watching and gaming experience like no other. You will actually feel like you are on the set of the movie you’re watching on Netflix, Prime Video or YouTube, plus even gaming is available. The full HD and sound create the breath-taking moments, immersing you in a flow of sound with Dolby Atmos that defines your living room’s sound completely.

I like the simplicity; no fuss but all packed with everything you need to make your life more entertaining. Hisense has aimed to make our TSV accessible to everyone through their thoughtful designs.

Then, those of you who have members of the family who are remote control controllers, you’ll discover that your remote has voice control. Problem solved. Oh, and you have a choice of a 50″ or 55″

What will you be shopping for?

Much love and I look forward to you watching us on your new Hisense TV


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  1. Love your soothing tones and give us so much info . You are a favourite and we miss you when you are not on screen at times , hope all is well with you ,

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