The story behind the Ingredient Hunter

Denis Simioni was enjoying his life with his family and travelling the world visiting friends he had got to know over the years, while pursuing new wildcrafted ingredients. On returning from a trip he was devastated to hear his mum had been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

His mum asked him to formulate a haircare range for her as she knew what her hair was going to go through during treatment and the impact it would have. Denis had a mission to create a clean, pure haircare collection from scratch to provide the needs for not only her hair but her scalp.

Denis referred back to his little black book of ingredients, as he knew for his mum, he had to choose the very best. Having just returned from Nepal he had discovered Dhatelo seed oil, a wildcrafted Ingredient growing 15,000 feet up In the Himalayan mountains and the local Nepalese women had learned for centuries to churn the seed oil into a paste. Once the paste had matured, they would apply it to their hair believing it offered them a protection and preservation of suppleness, moisture, strength and vitality in their hair. The condition of their hair was incredible; Denis was completely blown away and the haircare range begin its journey to birth.

Each and every sample was tried and tested by Denis’ mum until it was the perfect Tweak’d formulation. She wanted him to share their secret with the world as she had shared it with her friends and family saying, “it’s just too special not too…”

We are truly grateful that after some convincing from his mum, Denis decided not only to share his story but also this beautiful formulation that had been created by sticking with his true values, not compromising any ingredient within the formulation and creating clean, pure perfection.

Tweak’d was born from simply pure love.

We are so truly grateful for Denis bringing the range to QVC, and our Today’s Special Value offer on Sunday 24th May (241523) gives you the opportunity to “get your crowning glory Tweak’d”.

This collection offers you not only something new but also a Supersize. This sneaky preview brings you the Rhassoul Rise & Shine Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner plus a super-sized cleansing Rise & Shine Volumising Scrub.

Join myself and Denis on 24th May for this special launch and your chance to make a difference with no more bad hair days.

Here’s to being Tweak’d!

Lots of love and here’s to fabulous hair!

Happy shopping!

Jill x

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  1. Hello Jill, Thank you so much for sharing your lovely blog great reading. Look forward to seeing you both on screen. I must place an order the hair collection. Stay safe and God bless. Antoinette

  2. Hello Jill, it’s lovely to read a blog from you (it’s been over a year since your last one). This blog was lovely, because you told the story behind the products and how it became available to us. I enjoy reading your blogs and watching you on tv ( you are my favourite presenter).
    Take care and stay safe.xx

  3. hello jill, I have always enjoyed reading your blogs, I have used the tweak’d range since it came to QVC , I find that it really helps my fine curly hair which can become like a birdsnest if I am not careful. I especially enjoyed the video from Canada for the latest TSV with denis and his family and the two lovely cats which I was amazed at I have never seen cats like that and wondered what sort they could be ? I thought they were probably some special breed that they have iin Canada. we bought two of the TSV’s and they arrived very quickly I hope that all at QVC are keeping safe and well.

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