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The Liz Earle Signature Scent Face Hand and Body Gift Collection Today’s Special Value offer has been created especially for us at QVC.

Oh my, and the gift box!

The first time myself and Caroline brought you a fragrance TSV, it was in such demand that we didn’t have anything left to offer you by the morning. We are hoping this one will last a little longer, but if you love it, I would make sure you have shopped with us early so you are not disappointed.

I just know you are going to fall in love!

Inside this absolutely beautifully designed gift box is your choice of your favourite fragrance and quite possibly my favourite Rosemary & Rock Rose collection which we don’t see a lot at QVC but I am delighted to say it’s here within this stunning collection. And of course, a Liz Earle TSV wouldn’t be the same without Cleanse & Polish. Let’s face it, we can’t have enough can we stacked away in our beauty cupboard.

So, here’s the exciting decision you need to make. Which one of the fragrances below describes you? Are you treating yourself or are you Christmas shopping for a friend?

I’m a No1 lady myself. It’s the fragrance I enjoy wearing during my Liz Earle shows. I love the freshness it brings and being an Eau de Parfum it has longevity.

Botanical essences Eau De Parfum

  • No 1. a burst of fresh citrus and florals
  • No 9. the evocative modern fragrance contrasting warmth in a traditional chypre with the rich succulents of dark forest fruits
  • No 15. brings a warm, smooth, spicy fragrance containing fifteen of the world’s most predacious botanicals
  • No 20. delights with a fresh sparkly eau de perfume infused with a beautiful feminine sophistication
  • No 100. offers a fresh floral bouquet combining rose scented geranium and damask rose with fresh white flowers

When you open the box adding to this special Christmas collection is Rosemary & Rock Rose Botanical Body Wash, Body Cream and Hand Repair.

This unique fragrance of Rosemary & Rock Rose is just how you want your bathroom and delicate skin to smell forever. I totally fell in love with it from the day it was launched.

Will you keep this beautiful collection, or do you think you be able to part with it once it arrives? mmmm! I don’t think so.

Happy shopping and let me know which fragrance you’ve chosen.

Much love and Christmas sparkle

Jill x

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  1. Hi Jill, I am a No15 fan so will be stocking up ! Thank you for the heads up, I will be buying early as this TSV will not be hanging around !

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