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Hi all,

Just a fleeting visit, baring news of a fabulous offer as always! As we head on into autumn and you need a bit of a hair boost, check out a fabulous Today’s Special Value this week with Ahuhu! We currently have a great range of their stunning hair products available but even Ahuhu would say themselves that styling definitely starts with your shampoo and conditioner and our Ahuhu TSV is a huge boost not only to your hair but to your pocket too.

Did you know that the number one question asked in a hairdressing salon is “How can I get volume? I want bigger, fuller thicker-looking hair.” Well the Ahuhu TSV is all about getting exactly that with their caffeine complex formulas, that are ultra-hydrating and really work at giving us thicker fuller hair in both the shampoo and the conditioner at an exceptional price. For any of you that have fine hair like me, this TSV is perfect, and because the products are not weighing the hair down, that makes styling so much easier and quicker too.

Talking of styling, did I also mention that the Ahuhu TSV comes complete with a styling mousse and actually all three caffeine-rich products are a supersized too!

Now, talking of hair, don’t miss out on a sensational styler from the Revamp range that’s featuring this Thursday. The Revamp Progloss Airstyle in rose gold is the perfect addition to your styling tools. Ideal for creating a myriad of styles from subtle waves to full-on big bouncy curls and even allowing you to get volume at the roots too.

The difference with Revamp is that they understand that not only do we want that super style we also want a sleek professional finish. That sleek look is down to Revamps super shine ionic jet, which really helps to combat frizz, alongside the ceramic barrel of the device that is infused with coconut, keratin and argan oil to leave your locks looking glossy and glamorous. Oh and did I mention, it comes in a gorgeous rose gold shade? Perfect!

Hair-raising stuff! (sorry couldn’t resist!)

Jilly x

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