A new discovery from L’Occitane

I know that there are new things for us to discover every week at QVC, but sometimes even I am taken aback by a new find.

Now you have probably all heard me in beauty hours harping on about the importance of cleansing. I do love all things beauty and must admit that I do have a little bit of a beauty product addiction, but my all time favourite products are, yes you have guessed it, cleansers!

I am totally obsessed with cleansers and always have a few on the go, I fact I currently have six that I am mixing and matching on my bathroom shelf.

I quite often double cleanse too, and use different cleansers in the morning to the ones I take more time with at night. So I was horrified to find one of my favourites, the Decleor Micellar Oil was out of stock. I had a quick search for an oil based cleanser and decided to go for the L’Occitane Immortelle cleansing oil duo, which only came in the duo option but being QVC and our 30 day option thought if I don’t like it I can always send it back.

Oh my goodness, the cleanser is now my new favourite! It is such an incredible beauty product that can be used all over the eye area too, melting away even the most stubborn of mascaras. It starts of as a beautiful oil with a great texture, that then turns to a cleansing milk once in contact with water. The Immortelle oil leaves your face gently but thoroughly cleansed and your skin feels beautifully nourished almost enriched by the luxury of the Immortelle. I am totally hooked and so glad I decided to give it go. Sometimes it’s good to try something new as you never know what you might discover.

Let me know what you have discovered recently!

Take care,

Jilly x

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