A ‘wow’ phone deal

It’s not often I get excited by technology, but having got my little mitts on the new Samsung phone, I can’t tell you how impressed I was.

It’s quite funny how sometimes even I, with all kinds of technology brands at my fingertips, can even get a little blindsided by certain names and refuse to look beyond the brands I’ve always known, but there’s a whole new world out there and when you take that leap of faith, it can offer up something truly amazing!

So look no further than our launch of the Samsung S10 5G Today’s Special Value!

The phone offer will run all day on Thursday at a sensational price, which includes the wireless headphones as part of the bundle offering an incredible saving. Currently on pre-sell and proving hugely popular with its 5G capabilities, it is definitely the next generation of the mobile phone.

The screen is huge, with an almost invisible edge, making your visual entertainment experience truly cinematic and the colours are superb. It’s really glamorous, so sleek and slim in fact, I believe its the thinnest of the S10 range!

A fingerprint scanner for ultimate security are on board alongside an incredible six cameras, capturing all your precious memories in glorious professional style and with 5G you are opening your self up to a whole different era of connectivity with data speeds that take us straight into the next decade, coupled with a battery life that is insane!

If that’s not all, the TSV package include the AKG Y500 wireless headphones with 33 hours of wireless playback, and let’s face it where else but QVC do you get a chance to sample incredible technology in the palm of your very own hands with the assurance of a 30 day money back guarantee?

Plus don’t forget, our offer comes SIM-free, so no more being locked into a contract that sees you paying way over the cost of the phone. I’ll be launching the S10 5G with the deliciously knowledgeable James Murden at 9pm on Wednesday night and our deal will run all day on Thursday, but don’t forget you can grab yours right now!

We all know that there’s no such thing as a free phone but at QVC you can be guaranteed of a great deal!

Jilly x

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