Back to normal and the sweet smell of a TSV!

Hi all,

Well I finally breathe a sigh of relief this week knowing that the GCSE results are in and school has resumed, as I dropped my daughter off for her first day at Sixth Form this morning, looking very grown up indeed.

She did fantastically well with her results, but with everything that was going on and the reports of the A Level results the week before, it was all very stressful. I hope it’s worked out for everyone in the same position and hopefully a plan will be put into place for all those sitting exams next summer too!

So now we can all relax a little and maybe enjoy a bit of pampering while we are there, and I have just the treat! Actually before we get into the treat bit, if it’s relaxation you are after, take a look at an amazing concept from Gtech. The MYO Touch Massage Bed, item number 402784, is the latest design innovation in home massage. It’s a full length, free-standing massage bed, created to work the whole body as well as targeting individual areas.

Nick Grey, the incredible founder of Gtech, sums it up when he says “your mind and body deserve nothing less than engineering excellence”, and that”s exactly what the MYO Touch is. A perfect lifestyle solution that you can totally customise to ease the stresses and strains of the day, whether you are very active or quite inactive and need to ease muscle stiffness, you can easily wind down or invigorate using the MYO Touch. See it in action all day Saturday, and don’t forget your 60 day money back guarantee, so why not give it a try!

Now for that treat I mentioned, every year around this time, we have an amazing offer from Philosophy with the idea of gifting and keeping. This latest collection  is an exceptional TSV offer that runs all day Sunday at an amazing price. I must admit I usually forget the gifting but and keep it all for myself, as I use Philosophy all year round, but there honestly is enough to share.

The idea is having a gorgeous fragrance with the matching body products to go with,  and the bath and shower gel you can even use as shampoo, for that all over fragrance experience. Available in iconic Philosophy fragrances,  you get the opportunity to gently layer the fragrance with the complimenting bath and shower gels and the gorgeously hydrating body spritz, leaving your skin with a beautiful shimmer.

In case you were wondering, my top and trousers are MarlaWynne, and the shoes are Moda in Pelle.

My all-time favourite fragrance from Philosophy is Pure Grace, which is so clean smelling and has been one of my daily go-to fragrances for many years. However this time I’ve gone for Falling in Love, a beautiful delicate fragrance with a berry fruitiness that’s just delicious. The third choice in the collection is Amazing Grace, which just so happens to be Philosophy’s number one top selling fragrance of all time. You honestly can’t make a wrong choice and the price is phenomenal, the whole collection for less than the price of the fragrance, wow!

So, now we are all relaxed and smelling wonderful, there’s just one more incredible deal to let you in on next week. That cheeky chappie, Keith Maynard, is back on our screens with a delicious deal from Vionic. Yes the autumn Vionic boot TSV has landed, or should I say slithered, into QVC!

You’ve guessed it, 185551 is a little bit of snake style to spice up your new season footwear, with a stunning suede ankle boot to bring us all bang up to date.

Join Keith and myself for the launch on Monday at 9pm.

Happy September everyone!

Jilly x

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