Blooming marvellous!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed the Gardening Event we had this weekend. It was great to have the delectable Richard Jackson popping in and seeing all the stunning flowers on offer was just wonderful. It’s amazing that with QVC’s know-how, the right products, and a little bit of TLC, how easy it is to give your garden a makeover and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour all summer long.

Check out our gardening section online ASAP, as we still have lots of plants available for right now, guaranteed to bloom this summer, and some which can be ordered ahead of time for delivery in September, giving you a head start on 2022! Plus, we have lots of garden furniture and a whole host of lighting to create the kind of outdoor living space you see in all the magazines.

However, there are lots of blooms around in fashion too!

For example the gorgeous top I’m wearing with Richard, is the latest Today’s Special Value offer from Kim & Co (item: 188950), one of QVC’s leading fashion brands from Montreal Canada. It will be featuring, on air, all day on Thursday 13th at a great TSV price!

Buttoned right the way through, with a beautiful feminine collar, it’s the ultimate go-to shirt shape, that is softly tailored and perfectly flattering.

Designed to be worn as a shirt, buttoned up as a top or even worn as a soft cardigan it’s a great little addition to any spring summer wardrobe, nicely fitting the bust but skimming away from the tummy with all the designer expertise that we have come to expect from Kim, and no doubt there will be lots more coordinating pieces to choose from too when Kim unleashes her new collection with us this week.

Something else you may wish to lay your hands on this week is the Vinogold collection that’s featuring all day on Tuesday 11th (item: 244290). It’s the latest beauty TSV to come to QVC this week from the prestigious M. Asam beauty range and is a sumptuous four-piece body collection.

The kit includes an all over body exfoliant, day and night cream, luscious hand cream and even a treatment for the eyes at a sensational deal. If you haven’t yet discovered the brand, it’s definitely worth exploring.

A German heritage beauty brand, M. Asam focuses on natural beauty with grape seed oil as one of their hero ingredients and the products are rich in antioxidants which is fantastic in our fight with anti-ageing. In fact, the day and night cream in our Vinogold TSV offer is their bestselling beauty product worldwide, providing a simple 24-hour moisturising option with huge anti-ageing benefits.

You’ll love the nourishing hand cream to rescue our hard working sanitised hands, the eye cream (again with the grape extracts) and the very satisfying body scrub to get your bod summer ready with its instant gratification the moment it hits the skin. It’s a complete body overhaul.

Oh, and one more little extra, if you fancy treating yourself or a friend to fabulous array of nail treats…

Check out the Nails Inc collection due in next Monday! I fell in love with the incredible heart-shaped box (which I will be keeping, not sure for what yet, but far too lovely to throw away) and then I opened the lid! Wow! You are in for a treat!

Enjoy, Jilly x

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  1. I always enjoy watching you as you are a professional presenter . You are always upbeat and never one for self promotion . Keep doing what you are doing and that top you are wearing is so lovely and spring like . Fab fab lady .

    1. Ahhhh Mary, bless you for your lovely comments, you have made an old girl very happy!
      Take care,
      Jilly x

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