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Hi guys,

Just a quick pop in to let you know about a fab TSV from L’Occitane and to commend them in their quest to become as eco-friendly as possible.

I know that we are all trying to do our bit to save the planet but I think a company like L’Occitane, who is truly committed to making a difference globally, deserves to be applauded.

Their mission statement is to respect the environment, guarantee the quality of their products and deservedly give back and support to the local communities where their natural ingredients are sourced. Just reading the support they give to good causes like Union for Vision, that fights preventable blindness in the world, the Argan Bees project and the many programs that strive to empower women across the world, are mind blowing and definitely worth reading about.

Apart from all of that L’Occitane make amazingly gorgeous products and the long-standing relation ship with QVC means that we get some incredible deals.

However our Today’s Special Value this Tuesday, which is ready to buy now on pre-launch, is not only a great deal, it’s also perfectly eco-friendly too!

The choice in the TSV is either his or hers, and both include three 500ml eco-refills two shower gels and one liquid soap, in some stunning fragrances. The men’s collection consists of Shea Verbena, L’Occitan and Cedrat and the ladies collection gets you Rose, Cherry Blossom and Shea Lavender. Fantastic L’Occitane luxury at less than half the price, either refill your current containers or dispensers or you can even use them straight from the refill, and remember you are contributing to all the good that L’Occitane do with every pump!


Jilly xx

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