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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all ok and we are keeping you entertained in this long lockdown.

I don’t know about you, but this time around I’m finding it harder to keep busy and the boredom has been creeping in a little. Maybe it’s the weather  that’s making it a little harder to manage, but still we must all knuckle down, stick to the rules and keep everyone safe.

I have to admit, my new guilty pleasure has been Married at First Sight Australia. Honestly, if you are looking for a bit of escapism telly, it’s totally addictive and I’m so hooked. Let me know if you have been watching it, or am I the only one who is obsessed?

So despite filling my time with trash TV, I’ve been trying to use the time to get things in order and maybe spend a bit more time than usual assessing the start to the year. For the last couple of years I’ve not made any resolutions for 2021, purely because they have always turned out to be fads that I never stick to, but I have tried this year to take a bit of time to look at my general health and skincare routines, and have just thought about if there is anything I could improve on or any small changes I could easily make.

One of those changes that I have put into practice this year is looking at supplements and I’ve found that Fighting Fatigue from the Prime Fifty range has really helped. I’m not sure whether it’s the effects of lockdown, but everyone I speak to at the moment seems to have that tired feeling and of course when we feel tired and fatigued we do less, and the less we do as we get older, the more sedentary we become. If you have found yourself in that same vicious circle, I would highly recommend them – especially if like me you are feeling that your ‘get up and go’ has got up and gone!

Prime Fifty have an amazing range of supplements uniquely designed for ages 50+. Dr. Max Gowan, who is the founder of the range, is so knowledgeable and his extensive research and expertise is at the forefront of everything they do. Have a look at the range online, there is everything from brain health to bone health, joints, hair, skin and nails, muscles, collagen and even super greens!

Now if it’s skincare you are looking to upscale, look no further than our Perricone Today’s Special Value running all day this Tuesday. This incredible five-piece collection offers insane value on what can only be described as a results-driven, highly prestigious skincare brand. If you have always wanted to aspire to trying this premium range and experience the results that world renowned Dr Perricone can deliver, there really is no better opportunity than this exceptional deal.

With the inclusion of Neuropeptide formulations in both the Firming Day Moisturizer and the Restorative Neck & Chest Therapy, and Acyl-Glutathione technology in both the Intensive Overnight Moisturiser and the Eye Lift Serum, this superbly scientific collection really packs a punch.

Plus, the TSV also contains a brand new product with the launch of the Vitamin C Brightening Complex. With savings of over £560, you have to see what this collection will do for your skin, but don’t forget it pre-launches at 9pm Monday night and is sure to be popular.

So it’s hello 2021 and goodbye wrinkles!

Jilly xxx

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  1. Hi Jilly
    I to am getting obsessed with married at first sight Australia and usually binge watch it as it becomes available.
    I think Innes is going to be a very naughty girl!! i also love Lauren and Matthew he is so sweet, like you i am finding this lock down harder but i think it`s down to the weather as last time at least we could sit out in the garden and potter about.

  2. I too am addicted to Married at first sight Australia!
    It was upsetting though to hear Laura (from shy Matt and Laura) on a radio interview stating that it was friends of hers that were in to threesomes and swinging, not her!
    The producers ‘forced’ her to say what she said and said they spent half an hour badgering her!

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