Great summer offers

Hi everyone,

Greetings from breezy Portsmouth where I’ve been spending the last few days. It’s been lovely just enjoying some sunshine without it being too hot. I haven’t ventured down this way for quite a few years but it’s been the perfect little get away, sitting back watching the boats go by and enjoying the change of scene.

They only drawback is my two not so little offspring, are at the age where they are indulging in a cocktail or two and I have to admit the concoctions that they are serving up nowadays are a far cry from my good old favourite Pina Colada!

We have had all sorts of fire and dry ice offerings along with colour changing, bubbling and smoking creations, all very theatrical and rather potent to say the least.

Bailey has had a great time too. She was not only allowed to stay at the hotel she also had her first ever paddle in the sea! She has loved trotting down the promenade and everywhere we have been has been so welcoming to her, which has been wonderful.

I never know what to throw in the bag for a few days away as you just don’t  know how hot or cold it’s likely to be and although I like to be casual, I do still like a little bit of sparkle.

You can see me wearing one of my favourite tops from the Frank Usher collection at the Quayside, which reminds me, we have an amazing offer of not one but two tops from Frank Usher as our TSV all day on Tuesday (I’ll be launching for you at 9pm on Monday night), and a little bird tells me there will be that perfect splash of sparkle that Frank Usher are famous for, simply gorgeous!

In fact, in that same photo you can see me flashing my feet in my sparkly flip flops too, with feet courtesy of Margaret Dabbs of course!

If any of you are struggling with not having pedicures at the moment  or are finding that your feet are just not summer ready, grab Monday’s TSV and get amazing results so quickly.

Dry feet, cracked heels, Margaret Dabbs London products can work wonders in such a short space of time and Margaret is a true expert in her field. With her first ever treatment clinic opening in Harley Street in 1998, Margaret now has multiple hand and foot clinics both in the UK and worldwide, delivering first class solutions to her clients, and she has built up a huge celebrity following too.

However, our Today’s Special Value will bring that red carpet client treatment right to your home, with incredible treatment products for hands, feet and legs and did I hear the word supersize?

Plus the tie up between Margaret Dabbs and QVC means of course unrivalled value, so you won’t even need to push the boat out!

I’ll be sailing onto your screens at 9pm on Sunday, so for now it’s land ahoy as we all put our best foot forward!

I think that’s enough now don’t you! (too many cocktails)

Bon voyage,

Jilly x

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  1. Hi Jilly,
    I’ve never been to Portsmouth but you look so glamorous as usual there! You have a beautiful skin tone and such a lovely way about you. So natural. I could look at bailey all day too!
    How did your two get on with school and uni this term? Enjoy your hols!x

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