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Hi everyone,

Well hopefully you have embraced the fact that Christmas, whether you like it or not, is just around the corner. I have to admit I absolutely love Christmas. I know it seems to start earlier and earlier every year, but I get so excited at the whole essence of enjoying precious time with family and friends and choosing gifts for everyone.

I’m definitely immersed now in Christmas shopping, but it gets harder every year to find new things and come up with imaginative presents, especially as the kids get older.  Some times I also think it’s worth buying jointly with another member of the family, especially if it’s a higher priced gift, but I love all the little stocking filler gifts and all the a Christmas food treats too.

Technology always makes a great gift and at QVC we have everything from mobile phones to laptops and tablets, headphones and AirPods, printers, cameras, dash cams and for the ultimate a Christmas movie viewing, we even have a 65″ Ultra HD 4K TV.

Fitbit Alta

However, one of the most innovative inventions for gift giving is the Fitbit, and we have a fabulous Fitbit Today’s Special Value offer coming up this weekend. The Fitbit Versa 2 is a smart watch of seriously epic proportions and to top it all it even has Alexa built in too.

Water resistant to 50m and with battery life of four days plus, the Versa 2 with built-in voice, is truly the ultimate in smart watch technology.

The water resistance makes it swim-proof and with 24/7 heart rate tracking, the device will deliver crucial lifestyle information, to enable you to keep on track.

There are 15 plus exercise modes that automatically track your every move, alongside sleep tracking that will also give you a sleep score. Plus you can access all your smart phone notifications and apps, store and play 300 plus songs, pay with Fitbit pay and have the comfort of knowing that you have Amazon Alexa at your beck and call wherever you go!

What a superb gift, or maybe something you want to get for yourself and begin 2020 with all the key information you need to make a healthy fresh start.

Of course one of the other ways we love our technology is in our beauty tools and there is one item of beauty technology that has just taken the industry by storm and it begins with a D!

Yes, the Dyson TSV is back! The Supersonic Hairdryer that has taken the hairdressing world to a whole other level, in terms of salon looking hair at home, and is winging its way to your screens on Saturday 23rd November at an incredible TSV price – and will be featured in an amazingly glamorous red presentation case!

However a little bird tells me that it will be available to order early from Tuesday 19th November! So I’d grab it while you can as last year we had waiting lists way into January!

The ultimate in Christmas beauty gifts, the Dyson will look after your hair for many years. It’s unique intelligent heat system means you are never ‘over-cooking’ your hair and yet the air multiplyer technology with its high velocity jets of air ensure you get your hair dried in next to no time.

So quicker drying and healthier hair for many years to come. What’s not to love!

Happy shopping,

Jilly x

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