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Hi all,

Well, I’m definitely continuing on my quest to get our luscious locks pumped up and gorgeous for Christmas, and our great friends at Percy & Reed have come up with a sensational offer. This is probably the biggest haircare offer we have ever had from them – in fact, I can honestly say it’s probably the most comprehensive haircare deal I’ve ever seen at QVC UK!

Now you know me, when it comes to Christmas pressies I’m all for a bit of sifting and gifting, and the collections that QVC put together enable us to do just that. This amazing haircare deal gets us an incredible 10 pieces! Plus they have also included an extra three gift boxes, so we can make up some little presents or add them as stocking fillers should we so choose.

The whole package is to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Percy & Reed on QVC, and it’s a huge thank you to everyone, like me, who has loved the products over the years, but this also would be a fabulous way to discover this glamorous haircare range too. One sniff of any of their products and you’ll be hooked! They smell divine and, it goes without saying, but they also deliver effortless styling results to your hair too.

All you need to decide is your shampoo and conditioner option.

There’s either ‘Turn Up the Volume’, perfect for making the most of your hair, working on fine, limp lacklustre locks – hair that you just need to look fuller and thicker. Or you could go for ‘Bye Bye Dry’, a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, to lock in that moisture and combat the frizz of the season. Both smell simply delicious and are 250ml each, plus you then get the outstanding Wonderbalm Hair Primer, the Volumising Mousse, dry shampoo, another 30ml Wonderbalm, Time to Shine Fragrance Spray, Strong Hold hairspray, Frizz Fixer, a scalp massager and a gift box, plus three extra gift boxes too.

If you were to buy the items in this collection individually, directly from Percy & Reed, you’d pay £133. So to get the entire collection for our Today’s Special Value price of just £39.98, plus P&P, you’re saving £89.07, and more importantly, your hair will be looking and smelling insane. It’s another super QVC deal that’s not to be missed, and that’s not all – it’s available on pre-order now and while you are there, check out the Auto Delivery too, where you can secure that amazing price and all those savings for a second time.

While you’re at it, you can also check out our fabulous Big Deal from Nina Leonard this week. A sumptuous faux suede biker jacket that’s machine washable, and offered in six stunning colours at an unbeatable Big Deal price. It’s enough to make your hair curl!

Happy shopping,
Jilly xxxx

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  1. Hi Jilly, LOVING the pink jumper you had on during the Gatinea hour, with the sparkle sleeves and pockets, was it QVC? Can’t find it on the website. Colour is gorgeous on you.

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