Bursting into June!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine. I’ve been enjoying some holiday time, in the back garden of course, but have definitely been lapping up the half term in the sunshine.

We have had lots of rehearsals for my daughter’s dance competitions, which fingers crossed will all be going ahead in August. You may remember we were due to travel to Rome, before Lockdown happened, with Team England, which seems like a lifetime ago now, then that was postponed to Spain, which also was cancelled, and now the world competition is landing in Telford UK this summer!

I’m hoping, given all the hard work the kids have put in, this event will happen and be as exciting as ever. I’ll keep you posted on how things are looking but the plan is for all the countries unable to travel to compete via video link, so it will still be a worldwide live event and as always with tough competition too.

So with all those rehearsals done it was time to head off for a quick spa trip, although with social distancing measures still very much in place, it wasn’t as relaxing as usual but with a bit of luck things will keep moving in the right direction and we’ll be nearing some kind of normal soon, plus I’ll have a good excuse to go again!

Once back at QVC, I was overwhelmed with all the newness flooding through our doors and I’ve only been away for a couple of weeks. I feel like time had stood still for a little while, whilst manufacturing was struggling to keep up, but now it’s full steam ahead with brand new launches and products and brands oozing out of every pore.

However, one brand that just continues to deliver every time at QVC is Moda in Pelle, a fantastic shoe brand of the most prestigious quality, and I just managed to get my hands on this week’s TSV.

The stunning Fizzali trainer launches as part of our Fashion Day this Wednesday and is utterly gorgeous and so comfortable. It comes in five colours, I went for the Navy Snake but it also comes in White Silver, Blue or Grey and there’s even a Neutral/ Rose Gold option.

Also another incredible TSV that caught my eye this week, is the Gatineau collection that I’ll be launching on Friday. The Youth Revitalizing Collection from The Gatineau Age Benefit range is at a sensational price and features a brand new product, never been seen before!

The age Benefit Youth Revitalizing Oil Serum is an oil and serum in one. This bi-phase formula gives us all the anti-ageing benefits of a serum but with the nourishment of an oil. Who needs a socially distanced spa? Meanwhile, I’m loving my Gatineau treats at home!

See ya Friday,

Jilly xx

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  1. Hi Jilly,
    That’s good timing that you enjoyed a sunny break! Glad you enjoyed it. Cassidy is still dancing full steam then? I’m sure she’ll go into it professionally like you? How’s Taylor these days? Keep well x

  2. Hi Jilly,

    I’m watching Challenge TV on freeview 47 now and the quiz show Family Fortunes is on and your family is one of the teams.

    1. Hi Fiona,
      Yes!!! I dragged my whole family with me because I wanted to be on the telly! Who knew !!!
      Take care, Jilly x

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