Medals galore!

Hi everyone.

Yes, I’m back from my summer break with incredible news!

I promised I’d report back on The Dance World Cup Competition that my daughter Cassidy was involved in with Team England this year. Initially we were due to fly out to Italy last year, then earlier this year, we were meant to be in Spain, and then the competition was finally postponed to August and has just taken place in the UK.


Cassidy has competed with Team England twice before, the first time winning a Bronze medal and the second time winning a Silver. However, this time she came home with an outstanding three Gold, three Silver and two Bronze medals for her Tap and Musical Theatre pieces, and I honestly couldn’t be more proud.


It was such an amazing competition and I’m so glad the children got a chance to perform after not being in the theatres for so long. It was simply magical to watch. We had an an intensive nine days of competition, but it was worth every moment and the standard was so high, better than anything you’d see on the telly.


Apart from QVC that is !

So, I am back with you all this Friday and what a day it will be. Talking of winners, we have an incredible winning deal with LeCreuset featuring as our Today’s Special Value offer. This one you’ll certainly not want to miss.

Le Creuset have been making cookware since 1925, and everyone knows they are simply a cut above the norm. They pride themselves on offering the best possible premium cookware that you invest in for decades to come. The amazing thing that QVC brings to the table, is that our bargaining power allows us to bag unprecedented prices on Le Creuset, but boy do you have to jump in quick, and with this offer you’ll definitely want to be snappy.


The Today’s Special Value offer from Le Creuset is a three-piece pan set with insane savings, and it’s guaranteed for life! With a 20cm fry pan, a 26cm fry pan and a 26cm shallow casserole pan with a lid, the set is so well thought out. It would be the perfect addition to any kitchen. The amazing non-stick is made up of six layers and will even withstand oven temperatures of 260 degrees!


It really is their best non-stick ever that will never crack, flake or peel, even if you use metal utensils. And remember, that is for life, which is simply outstanding. The clean up is a dream and the quality of the non-stick means you can use little or no fat, so it’s a healthier cooking option too. That for me is definitely another Gold winning performance!


Jilly x

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  1. Hi Jilly,
    Congratulations to Cassidy! That’s an amazing achievement! She’s obviously a natural on stage and in the theatre and what a stunning looking girl she is! I imagine you’ll be sending her off to theatre school soon! Glad you had a good time even if exhausting!x

  2. Hello Jilly.
    Fabulous news all those medals, you must be such a Proud Mum and every right to be.
    All that hard work has paid off. Well done to your daughter Cassidy for such a great performance.
    Love Kathy x

  3. Hi Jilly,

    Thank you again for being so lovely to me and my son (he was also taking part in the DWC) and agreeing to have a picture with us when we met you at the Dance World Cup finals. It was wonderful to meet Cassidy please pass on our congratulations again for all those medals (Hope the sweatshirt bill didn’t get too expensive with all those medals being added 🥇💕
    Regards Caz & Charlie xx

    1. Sorry Caz , I must of missed a few messages!! So lovely to meet you and your son. Wishing you well, maybe see you in San Sebastián😊x

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