Keeping cool and garden living

Jilly sat in front of the Innovators cocoon chair

Hi all,

I hope everyone is ok and hasn’t melted away over the last couple of days!!

I hate to complain about the sunshine as it’s been a long wait, but I do think when that heatwave arrives we need to be prepared.

If it’s a fan you’re after, you need to grab one while you can as stocks are depleting rapidly. We have a great choice at the moment from the Dyson cooling tower right down to the Fan U fan offered in three brilliantly priced colours! Also, if you are looking for something somewhere in between check out the Meaco range of fans.

We have both pedestal fans and table top fans, all of which have incredible cooling power to create the perfect temperature inside your home.

Once you get outside however, we have everything you need to create your perfect outdoor living space, including some amazing garden furniture deals. If it’s a little bit of your own space you are after then why not invest in your own garden chair? It’s not as silly as it sounds, as many garden designers will create the family hub garden area but also a zen area with some personal seating, to allow that little bit of escapism in the garden.

The Hanoi swivel seat would be the perfect solution to your quest for a little bit of me time in your very own pod-like creation, giving you maximum comfort whilst adding a contemporary look to your garden, check out the Today’s Special Value price tonight at 9pm or whilst stocks last throughout the day tomorrow.

Now, once you have had your time outdoors, what better way to continue your rockstar existence than stepping inside to be entertained by a brand-new telly?!

If you are looking to upgrade your old television seriously consider Hisense as we highly recommend the brand.

Our Today’s Special Value this weekend, delivers all of the Hisense technology at a sensational price plus you have a choice of either a 50 or 55 inch screen.

You deserve to watch your entertainment in the very best quality and Hisense HD Smart TV technology puts picture and sound first, offering vivid colours, complete clarity and fabulous depth of sound to give you the most immersive experience yet.

With a sleek, bezel-less display, you have all your favourite streaming services and boxsets built right in, giving you quick access to shows, movies, games and much more at the touch of a button.

You might even want to bring your cocoon chair indoors, switch on your Hisense and have the best of both worlds!


Jilly xxxx

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  1. Hi Jilly
    The other night you were wearing a long line black and white shirt with red capri trousers.
    It looked lovely. Is it from QVC as I have been unable to find it on the website.

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