Key to a good night’s sleep!

With lockdown in full swing, it’s hard to even know what day it is most of the time, but our lack of routine at the moment could be playing havoc with our sleeping pattern.

March is Sleep Awareness Month and it’s a fantastic opportunity to sit back and assess if we are really getting the rest we need, or could we be making a few simple changes to improve our quality and quantity of sleep.

I have always been a night owl, which many people attribute to my background in the theatre, but even as a child I would always stay up later than anyone I knew, and in the school holidays, late nights and laying in were absolute bliss. Even now with my shift pattern at QVC, I think it’s fine to sleep later and wake later, providing there is enough good quality sleep. But if you are a shift worker or a little out of sync with your sleep, there are a few little tricks you can try to help you along the way.

I think exercise can really help with sleep, but it doesn’t have to always be an arduous slog. I’ve been joining my daughter in her PBT classes (progressive ballet technique), which use an exercise ball alongside some very gentle ballet movements that are not only fabulous for your core, but it’s also an incredibly relaxing work-out, especially in the evening.

QVC have a couple of exercise balls that would be brilliant to use, including this one from Tili and the Davina Fitness ball that comes complete with mat. There are numerous PBT classes online that you could try at home and see how you get on.

Relaxation and routine, I think, play a huge part in getting to sleep. If you think about how structured and strict we are with a baby’s night-time routine, as adults we really are no different.

For me, a relaxing bath with my favourite products is an absolute must, and we have so many to choose from. Elemis have some incredible products like the Sea Lavender and Samphire Bath Milk and Neom have some beautiful products to unwind with. This is a gorgeous bath duo that gets you the Scent to De-Stress and the Perfect Night’s Sleep. Both bath foams will have you drifting your way to the land of nod in next to no time.

However, any hiccup along the way can interrupt all the hard work you have been putting into your sleep routine. It goes without saying that a good quality mattress is paramount when it comes to quality of sleep. Did you know that the National Sleep Council recommends that we should change our mattress every 8 years? In fact, a huge proportion of us in the UK hang on to our mattresses for far too long and see buying a new mattress as a grudge purchase, which is crazy when the average person will spend two hundred and twenty nine thousand, nine hundred and sixty one hours asleep in their lifetime!

Now a little bird tells me we have a brand new Silentnight mattress arriving at QVC this month, so watch out for that, but we have a variety of Silentnight, Sealy and Tempur mattresses to choose from at QVC with some amazing deals, as well as some fabulous toppers if you are trying to eek out a mattress for just that little bit longer.

Pillows are also an integral part of bed comfort, and I must admit I’m loving my Sealy Geltex pillow at the moment. That, plus a spritzing of sleep spray, either from This Works or Neom (like 242692) really helps my mind to instantly become more free.

Remember, it’s all about creating that tranquil mood and allowing yourself to accept the message that’s it’s “time to sleep”. Our sense of smell is so powerful, which is why pillow sprays and candles before bed can really help. Yankee Candle and again Neom have some beautiful fragrances, but my favourite at the moment is Homeworx by Harry Slatkin Cashmere Birch. This is not essentially a “sleep candle”, but I just love the soothing quality it brings and it smells so indulgent and luxurious. It really works to switch my mind off from the hustle and bustle of the day.

My final tip for sleep, particularly after a long day, is my sleep facial. We need to remember how much a part of our anti-ageing routine sleep is, and if we are not sleeping enough, it can really show in our skin. Gatineau have the perfect sleep mask, Hydra Aura Eclat De Soie, which I sleep in at least twice a week. It really indulges the skin while it has its optimum chance to repair itself, and just the feel of it on my skin is really comforting and the perfect complement to some relaxed deep breathing.

So maybe have an overhaul of your sleeping habits this sleep month. It’s astonishing how some subtle changes can make a huge difference.

Good luck and sweet dreams,

Jilly xxx

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  1. No wounder you look so bright and beautiful all the time, you really know how to pamper yourself (it’s a bit late for me ) however I have started using PRAI night and day so here’s my small attempt at having a go may, I will be the only corpse with a smashing neck and face??

    See ou soon on telly

    Love Lesley

    By the way you are one of the that doesn’t shout at me through to tv I can really relax and enjoy THANKS


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