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Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing OK. I must admit I’m lapping up our little bit of freedom that we have at the moment, just to be able to grab a cappuccino is absolute bliss and this week I was even able to sit down inside and drink it, which made it taste even better!

I’ve been enjoying some time off at home over the last couple of weeks, as our family holiday, like many of yours, was cancelled this year. It’s been the first time in many years that I’ve taken time off and not actually travelled abroad and it has felt like an amazing break, I’ve definitely been able to recharge my batteries.

I think sometimes when we take time off from work we try to cram in so much and rush to that holiday abroad, that we actually forget, the point of a holiday is to take time out, relax and unwind. So I’ve been indulging in some great food and wine, and catching up with family and friends with the odd day trip to the seaside with our gorgeous dog Bailey, who is just revelling in the fact that everyone is around all of the time, and she is definitely enjoying her new sun hat!

Even though I’m enjoying some holiday time, I do think that July has flown by, so before we run out of days I just wanted to draw your attention to our Beauty Pick of the Month. Cathy Kangas, the founder of Prai, has produced an incredible deal for QVC but you need to hurry as you only have until the end of July to grab it!

A self confessed beauty addict, Cathy has been keeping us all young and beautiful with her amazing range of iconic beauty products for decades. Cathy developed Prai over 20 years ago, when she realised that no companies in the beauty industry were prepared to work with the 50+ age group. In fact the Prai motto has always been that they believe in real women with real ageing, getting real results and one definite area that Prai excels in, is neck treatments.

In fact Cathy, always refers to Prai as the ‘Nexperts’, and now you can get all of their ‘Nexpertise’ wrapped up in our mega size Pick of the Month.

The Prai Ageless Throat & Decolletage Cream is currently on offer at four times the original 50ml size. It’s a whopping 200ml for an outstanding price, but it’s the results that are really phenomenal. It really doesn’t matter whether you are looking to prevent neck ageing In your twenties or are in your seventies and maybe have never used a neck product before, Prai will seriously deliver superb results.

Just take a look at this before and after photograph, as you can see just how much that aged appearance surrounding the neckline has been improved.

Not only do you get four times the usual size this month but you also benefit from zero postage and it’s presented in a fabulous sparkly rainbow pot which has been made especially for us at QVC during lockdown and could easily be used as a trinket casket once all that fabulous neck treatment has been used up.

It always amazes me when you see celebrities that have had a little nip and tuck here and there but then their neck just shows the signs of ageing instantly, it’s a dead give away but it’s also a area that with the right expertise you can get great results on and of course with our money back guarantee you have nothing to lose but the wrinkles!

Plus, take a look at the ethos of the Prai company and the efforts that Cathy Kangas and her team go to with their animal rescue. It goes without saying that the range is cruelty free and Leaping Bunny certified, but what many people don’t know is that Prai are so dedicated to helping animals they give back from their beauty sales to support the welfare of animals across the globe.

Fantastic cause and working on those wrinkles, what’s not to love!

Until ‘necks’ time!

Jilly x

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  1. Hi Jilly, glad you’ve enjoyed your time off at home. I absolutely love your dog Bailey. Could you please tell me what breed he is. Hes gorgeous.
    Thanks Karen x

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