Making perfect ‘Skin sense’

Everyone who knows me understands my love for skincare. Even before my life at QVC I was obsessed with the latest developments in the beauty industry. When my teenage friends would be saving up to buy the newest fashionable handbag or new pair of shoes, I’d be saving up for the latest innovation in skincare.

So, for me to be surrounded with all the QVC beauty is pure joy and I’m lucky that my skin is not sensitive so I can chop and change to my heart’s content, which allows me to try everything that’s on offer. So, I jumped at the chance to try the Today’s Special Value line-up from Skinsense, coming up on Tuesday 13th July.

Skinsense is the creative skincare range from Abi Cleeve who first came to our screens with Ultrasun. Abi knew of all the advanced skincare technology that was going into suncare products and couldn’t understand why these latest developments weren’t finding their way into our beauty routines. So in true entrepreneurial style Abbi set about creating her own range and Skinsense was born. So, with the high-grade unique ingredients and the latest technology in skincare I would urge you to try Skinsense especially if you are serious about anti-ageing.

One of the brand new products launching in the TSV collection is the gorgeous serum developed in the Hydranet range, which leaves your skin feeling so soft. Even my skin, that can sometimes feel quite parched in the mornings looked bright and hydrated after only one use! However, the 5-piece kit is so comprehensive and offers outstanding value for money.

So your choice for this amazing 1 day offer is either Anti-ageing or Hydranet and in each configuration you get five items of pure beauty expertise, rich in that Lamellar technology that makes Skinsense so effective. So you’ll receive the Bi-Phase Cell Renewal or the Anti-Ageing Nourishing Facial Oil, plus in each collection you have your highly concentrated eye product, day cream, face mask plus a huge 400ml size of the body cream, also rich in Lamellar technology. It really is an exceptional deal.

Do take advantage of the incredible prices QVC can offer on Skinsense, especially our Today’s Special Value offer which almost seems too good to be true, but just enjoy the savings and remember you have your 60-day money back guarantee so plenty of time to see those hydrating and anti-ageing results that you will achieve with this results driven range.

After all it makes perfect Skinsense!

Jilly xxxx

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