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Hi everyone,

I do hope you are enjoying the last flush of summer sunshine, I must admit I’m enjoying some relaxation time after all our dancing capers last month. However, I just had to share my favourite new fashion purchase with you!

To commemorate a fabulous dance competition, I treated myself to a stunning new top from Frank Usher. You may know the Frank Usher couture range, as many a red carpet has been graced by famous faces wearing Frank Usher gowns, but did you know we have a brilliant range of Frank Usher separates and accessories right here at QVC.

Have a look at the range online it’s so glamorous, with lovely wearable sparkle that’s not just for dress up, a lot of these tops look fab with just jeans.

Also the quality is excellent, none of the glitter sheds and the sparkly stones stay put wash after wash after wash. The top I bought says “Live Love Dance” on the front all depicted in rhinestones. I went for the black but there is a stunning navy and a gorgeous pink option too.

It’s one of those tops that you feel so comfortable in but depending on what you team it up with could take you from walking the dog to out on the town quite easily, but for anyone who loves their dancing it’s a must. Imagine if you love your Line Dancing, it would look absolutely brilliant!

Now that’s not the only fashion item I have my eye on this week. There’s a fantastic Denim & Co. TSV heading your way on Friday 10th September. In fact be sure to join me at 9pm on Thursday 9th to see it in the flesh, but it’s going to be the perfect piece to take us through, probably the best part of the next six months!

It’s a long sleeve coat that is so soft to the touch. It’s actually all fleece but with a Sherpa lining so really cosy. We had it as a TSV once before and it was so popular that this time it’s back and there are 3 new colours. There’s now a fashionable choice of six colours to choose from Black, Tan, Red, Navy, Burgundy or Khaki.

The hood is lined in a snazzy co-ordinating check fabric and the pockets have 2-way zippers and snap closures plus it’s machine washable, so it’s without a doubt ticking every box and definitely the snug as a bug in a rug box!

Why not get your TSV home and do a bit of modelling for us? Have you downloaded the Qurio app yet? Qurio is a new creation of QVC’s to bring our QVC community even closer together. Just download the app and dive straight in. Swap stories, ideas, send in photos and even videos of all your favourite items and share all things QVC with some lovely and authentic like-minded people, and just have some fun. You never know you may find a whole new bunch of friends or maybe some hidden talents!


Jilly xxx

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  1. Hi Jilly,
    I love your new top! It’s a great idea to remind you of the achievements of Cassidy! Glad you’re enjoying the sun in the SE after your busyness! On a side note I hope the pup is well!x

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