New Year, new decade!

Well I do hope your year has got off to a flying start!

January always seems to be a bit of a dowdy month but I think because the weather has still been fairly bright for January it hasn’t seemed quite so bleak. I had a great time with the family this Christmas and we were thrilled with the news that my daughter Cassidy once again has made it into the England team for the Dance World Cup finals in Rome this summer. It’s certainly going to be a busy time for her as she heads into her GCSE year, but having initially brought home bronze in 2016 and silver in 2018 she is definitely going for gold in Rome 2020.

I must admit all this running around really does mean I need to keep my lifestyle in check to keep up with all these young dancers, but when it comes to supplements it’s just so confusing and I often don’t think we know where to begin. However, QVC is definitely the place to begin and what better month to take stock of your lifestyle than January – and particularly this January, as together we can turn over a new leaf not only for the new year but the new decade.

When it comes to health it’s not just supplements QVC has to offer, we have a whole host of health and wellbeing ideas alongside fitness equipment and even a 28 day Celebrity Slim meal plan to really kickstart 2020. The beauty of choosing QVC, to help you keep all those News Years Resolutions, is that you know that you can trust us to have done the research for you, and we always have the experts on hand to deliver the  best help and advice to get you feeling confident and in control of your life.

So back to the supplements and I think one of the most significant ranges we have in our inventory is the Prime Fifty collection brought to us by the incredibly informative Dr. Max.

Designed specifically for the over 50s and beyond, Prime Fifty really looks at problem areas tailored to this specific age group. Dr. Max recommends taking up to four Prime Fifty supplements at any one time, but for anyone struggling with the January blues or feeling that their get up and go has got up and gone, the Fighting Fatigue supplements are an absolute must. It makes so much sense to me as we are all trying to juggle so much in our lives these days as well as increase our step count, all of which is impossible if you haven’t got the energy to get of the sofa.

So Fighting Fatigue is a great place to start, but check out all the other supplements Dr. Max has to offer. There’s Maintaining Muscle, Healthy Joints, Super Greens, Strong Bones as well as some new additions to the rang like the Prime Fifty Collagen shots and the 90 Day Anti-Ageing Hair, Nail & Skin supplements.

Now that’s just one brand. Take a look at the other health supplement ranges we have online, from brands like Imedeen and Philip Kingsley. The delicious Your Zooki range features innovations like  Vitamin C, Omega 3 and of course their highly sought after CBD oil products, and don’t forget to check out new launches from Nutrivitality, Kiki Health and Dr Seaweed Weed & Wonderful.

Once the energy begins to kick in, why not invest in a piece of fitness equipment too and really approach the new year with a renewed vigor!

If you’re interested in finding out more about all things health and wellbeing, check out our latest Inside QVC podcast featuring some of the biggest names in the industry!

Now while you are working on the inside, you might be considering a little TLC on the outside and if your crowning glory needs a bit of a boost then look no further than the amazing, supersize Tweak’d Today’s Special Value collection coming up this month.

The Cleanse and Restore duo will help to strengthen and revitalise your hair, which is important all year round but is so vital at this time of year, when the weather coupled with central heating leaves most of us looking like a frizzy mess. The divine Denis Simioni, founder of Tweak’d will be joining us from 9pm on the 24th and all day on the 25th to answer all your hair care questions and give our hair a revitalising boost!

So here’s to a fantastic 2020! I hope you will all be happy, healthy and full of energy making a great start to a new decade exciting enough to make your hair curl!

Jilly x

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  1. Hi Jolly, thank you for sharing your lovely blog. Happy new year to you. I did enjoy reading your blog. I had a good giggle. You are a fantastic presenter. I have purchased my prime fifty vitamins for the year. I am a 69 year young lady. I’m always looking forward to all the good tips from qvc. Wishing you and your family all best for the future. Antoinette x

  2. Happy new year jilly! I’m delighted for Cassidy again! She’s clearly a great dancer just like her mum! How are your two anyway? Uni going ok for Taylor? You do not look old enough to have a university aged child! You’re just so natural it’s refreshing on tv these days. Hope your energy levels are ok for all your running about! We all could do with a break at this time of year after hosting Christmas and working! Take care x

  3. hi you look great all this dancing you must be very proud it takes a lot of hard work on all to get to that level and standard wonderful family and with a busy job your a delight to watch.

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