‘Snow’ in love

Hi all,

Well thank goodness January is done and dusted, it always seems the longest month ever. I have to say though I have loved the snow! It was so great to break the monotony and get out and have some fun in it.

My daughter Cassidy and I wrapped up warm and took our dog Bailey for a snowy afternoon walk. We walked for a couple of hours in gorgeous crisp snow, which was really thick  across the fields, with Bailey munching snowballs and jumping around in the snow. She was so cute to watch and had a great time.

I always think snow is quite romantic, which is just as well seeing as Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. It’s the perfect excuse to snuggle up for a cosy night in and lets face it, we will all be doing that this year!

So Valentine’s in our household this time around will definitely be a take away for the four of us, and I think it’s quite nice that this year it falls on a Sunday too so everyone can enjoy it and be nice and relaxed. I can see there being lots of decorating of houses this year, maybe some home pamper nights or spa days and perhaps some attempts at gourmet cooking, which in a way will make our lockdown Valentine’s probably even more special than ever this year.

However if you are looking for some different gift ideas, I have come up with a few of my QVC Valentine’s highlights. Now I love flowers but around Valentine’s Day the prices go sky high and I do find that they just don’t last, so why not try a foodie alternative? Sweet treats make a great Valentine’s gift and we have two amazing collections from Lola’s Bakery that would get any heart racing. Firstly there’s Lola’s gift box of incredible brownies. These just melt in your mouth, are beautifully presented and you get twelve assorted flavours, with salted caramel, millionaires shortbread and red velvet brownies being three of my absolute favourites. But then you could also go for Lola’s cheesecakes, a selection of eight delicious cheesecakes, wait ’til you try the banoffee, all wrapped up in a bakery box that would make the perfect gift.

Another great alternative gift would be the Wellbeing Home Aromatherapy Tin, which is incredibly priced and contains six mini balms designed to help soothe and calm the mind. The collection includes balms for things like sleep and stress but there is even one for love too!

If it’s a little beauty treat you are looking for, another new collection is the Keep ‘Palm’ and Carry On Collection from Nails Inc. This boxed set consists of a top and base coat with three amazing colours all in a palm leaf gift box, which is sure to make any nail polish collector swoon.

However if you are looking to push the boat out this Valentine’s, and lets face it you are saving on that expensive meal out, then why not go for it in style and surprise your Valentine with the ultimate gift…

Yes,  Dyson have launched a special brushed metallic red edition of their Supersonic Hairdryer that comes with a stunning red presentation box and is just so glamorous it will blow your Valentine away! Plus a little bird tells me you can get it in monthly interest-free instalments (Easy Pays) currently too!

But, if you still think nothing says Valentine’s like a red rose then how about a Peony red rose that will be everlasting? 812114 is a very sweet red rose bouquet from Peony faux flowers. The bouquet comes cellophane wrapped and ribboned and ready to gift at a price, unlike most Valentine’s roses, that won’t break the bank. Don’t forget though, if you are not lucky enough to see your loved one this Valentine’s, QVC can always send your chosen gift straight to them.

Anyway whatever you chose to do this Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy cherishing those special moments and you never know, we might even get a little bit more snow!

Much love,

Jilly ❤️

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  1. Hi Jilly
    What lovely pictures of you, your daughter and adorable Bailey enjoying the snow ⛄️Bailey looks super cute and cosy in her coat – she looks like a joy to be with 😀
    We’ve finally had snow in Essex too. I know it’s not fun for every-one, but it looks like a magical dusting has been sprinkled everywhere and everything looks so very pretty.
    I hope Bailey continues to enjoy munching snowballs while the snows still here 🙂
    Best wishes to you and your family
    Love Jules x

  2. Hi jilly,
    You, Cassidy and bailey all look so gorgeous! You and Cassidy are so similar. She looks well and hope Taylor is also despite uni disruption.
    Can’t say I like Valentine’s Day for obvious reasons! Or snow for its disruption! Enjoy your family time though. Keep us updated x

  3. Hi Jilly
    Watched the Wynn layer show last night and you had in some beautiful silver loafer shoes
    Which brand were they?

  4. Hi Jilly
    I’ve just been watching you present a Lola Rose show. I love the jewellery and have quite a lot but I have a question. Katherine Russell used to always be on Lola Rose shows and she and Jane on Ruth Lansford shows, but I haven’t seen her on QVC in ages. Also their ‘One You’ blog has not been updated in years. Is she and her mother Jane well or are they just busy with other work? As viewers we get used to seeing certain presenters and models and when someone doesn’t appear for a long time we get curious. I don’t do Instagram or Facebook so can’t follow on social media. I hope you can enlighten me. Thank you.

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