So long, Jubilee. Hello, Ultrasun, Laura Geller and Shark offers!

Jilly with the Laura Geller Today's Special Value offer

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all had a fantastic jubilee few days and relaxed into the bank holiday break, however you chose to celebrate it. We had a delightful street party and thoroughly enjoyed touching base with friends and neighbours and catching up on lost time. I know unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good as expected, but apparently the summer sunshine is on its way, so definitely a good time to stock up on some Ultrasun.

If you haven’t tried this incredible sun care range yet, there’s an amazing Ultrasun discovery collection at the moment which gets you a six-piece collection for both face and body for less than £20 (plus P&P)!

Now, if it’s your summer face you are trying to perfect at the moment, then look no further than our stunning Today’s Special Value collection from Laura Geller. The offer runs all day Saturday, or while stocks last, and it’s your complete summer complexion collection!

This five-piece kit covers face, eyes and lips and is designed to give you the perfect summer glowing makeover in just a few simple steps. Join myself and professional make-up artist Sarah Jagger at midninght on Saturday for all the tricks of the trade.

Laura Geller began her make-up career in theatre and television and has been giving women confidence in there makeup now for over 20 years. Laura has a huge following in the make-up industry and has really paved the way with some of her iconic products liked her baked formula’s ‘balance and brighten’ for example and her hero primer Spackle! So don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on a TSV from one of the best.

Jilly with the Shark hairdryer box

Of course, once we have our summer face on, we next turn our attention to hair and I don’t know if you have noticed but the hairdryer market literally has been blown away recently with the arrival of new technology.

I think we have more haircare education now than ever before and understand that the one thing that can do the most damage to our hair is, without a doubt, our  hairdryer. The vast majority of us have been burning our hair for years in an attempt to get a quick blow dry and all we do is ruin our hair and create frizz.

So now in the arena we have the Style iQ from Shark, proving that modern day blow drying is so vital to healthy hair and, no matter what products we go on to use, unless we are willing to invest in our dryers we’ll always be fighting a losing battle, and they can can dry our hair safely in pretty much half the time. I managed the perfect blow dry on my long hair in less than 15 mins! So hotter isn’t always better: it’s all about the airflow.

Jilly using the Shark hairdryer

So the Shark iQ is an outstanding dryer with intelligent heat technology ensuring that burnt, over-dried hair is a thing of the past and, best of all, it’s offered at a price that gives many more people a chance to really see the difference in what investing in great hair care equipment can have on our hair.

Shark’s iQ engineering combines rapid air power with next-generation intelligence, generating high-velocity, heated, ionised air for fast drying with no heat damage.

Effortlessly dry and style all hair types. Enjoy smooth results that feel as good as they look, getting that professional blow dry finish every time at home.

Jilly after using the Shark hairdryer

Definitely give it a try, especially at our TSV price, and you can count on QVC to ensure we’ve wrapped up the best Shark deal around, and with our 60-day money-back guarantee you’ll really get a chance to see the difference that the latest advancement in dryers can make to your hair – you’ve nothing to lose but the frizz!

Happy shopping,

Jilly x

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