Sunshine and success!

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I hope you have all been enjoying the last little bit of sunshine that we have embraced over the weekend. I’ve been desperately trying to keep my tan going as long as possible.

I’ve been back a couple of weeks now after a lovely relaxing family holiday in Antalya in Turkey, which was just wonderful and thanks to my trusted Ultrasun I got a great tan.

I’ve converted so many people to Ultrasun over the years, proving that you can protect your skin, use a high factor and still get a tan. I know there are lots of you still to jet off to sunnier climes, now the kids have gone back to school, so I thought I’d share some of my must-haves.

My all-time favourite suncare product is Glimmer SPF 20, but I always start with the Family SPF 30 first, to give my skin a chance to build up some base colour.

If you have yet to get away to the sunshine, or maybe are venturing somewhere to grab some winter sun, have a look at this fantastic duo pack, which gets you a supersize of both products.

Also check out Anti-Pigment Face Protector SPF 50+, which really is a great marriage of sun protection and anti-ageing skincare for the face. I also absolutely love the Sun Protection Eye SPF 30, which is brilliant for sensitive eyes. You won’t have to worry about your eyes stinging, or your contact lenses floating around in oil either.

Just don’t forget put your Ultrasun away after your holiday, as you will still be able to use it next year too!

To find out more about the range, take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions, and don’t forget to read the advice on your Ultrasun Sun Account to see how best to protect your skin wherever you are.

So Turkey was incredibly relaxing. I must admit we really didn’t do much apart from chill out and enjoy the sunshine, coupled with some great food and wine and the odd cheeky cocktail thrown in here and there!

My daughter Cassidy and I were particularly exhausted after the All England Dance competition finals this year. The competition hosts heats all over the country and the finals only happen once every two years so it’s a lot of work.

At every final the standard just seems to get higher and higher but I’m pleased to say that after an intense competition Cassidy and her friends won the gold for the senior tap section, which was a huge achievement and there was certainly not a dry eye in the house. Thank goodness I wasn’t working the next day, I practically had no voice!

Cassidy won her first All England at the age of 8 and now at the age of 15 this is her 4th All England Gold medal to add to her collection, which is amazing.

Rumour has it the Dance ‘World’ Cup is happening in Rome next year, so Cassidy is eagerly awaiting a call up from the England team! It would be amazing to be part of the World Competition once again like we did in Barcelona two years ago. I say ‘we’ because she had to have a chaperone and of course who better than yours truly!

We had a great time in a Spain and came home with the World Silver medal, so watch this space and fingers crossed, I might be taking my Ultrasun off to Italy next year!

Meanwhile back to the task of keeping my tan going, I’ve found a combination of oil and cream to be particularly effective this year. I actually started off using my Liz Earle Body Oil at night, but as it’s now out of stock I’ve switched to L’Occitane Shea Fabulous Oil, which I’m very impressed with.

I find it more nourishing to use an oil at night time, and the Fabulous Oil is beautifully warming to the skin, then in the morning I’m using the SBC Body Butters.

I love this duo, as it features a Collagen tub to help deeply hydrate, plus the Coconut & Plumeria body butter – which just smells of holiday for me. I took the SBC Coconut and Plumeria Shower Melt with me to Turkey this year and actually that’s a top tip too, if you want to keep your tan going for longer this year, seriously take a look at what you are using in the shower.

An awful lot of high street shower and bath formulas are detergent-based, so just strip the skin drying it out and bang goes your colour! At last count, I checked and there were 450 QVC Bath and Body products to chose from online, so do your skin a favour – and treat yourself and let’s stay bronzer for longer!

Jilly xxx

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