Time to Doll up!

As we rocket towards the Easter weekend, check out some of our cracking Easter Bank Holiday Deals. There’s a little of everything on offer from gardening to jewellery, homewares and fashion and of course some incredible beauty deals too. Now I promised you an unmissable beauty Today’s Special Value, so let me introduce you to a fabulous collection from our gorgeous Doris and the spectacular Doll 10 range.

At 9pm on Saturday 3rd April and all day Easter Sunday we have the ‘ This Covers Everything Collection’ hitting our screens from Doll 10. Offered in 8 easy to wear shades the collection includes a seriously incredible full coverage foundation in a serum formulation that results in seriously flawless looking skin.

You’ll fall in love with the foundation, and the buffing brush included not only ensures an immaculate application but also means your foundation goes a lot further with definitely less waste. Also, for us lovelies with a few more life lines (my new word for wrinkles) this formulation of foundation does not settle into lines or crease on the skin, it will never dry out or clog into pores and it is actually enhanced with soothing skincare ingredients to really treat the skin, giving you that youthful complexion.

The TSV also includes a brand new mascara called ‘Lash Remedy’ which combines a primer for the lashes alongside a dramatic lengthening mascara all in one and a perfect pink pout lippy called ‘No Boundaries’ to finish off your look.

The collection is already up for grabs as it on pre-sale right now, and you might want to consider going for the Auto Delivery option at the TSV price too. Remember, you can opt out but can’t opt in, so even if you are new to Doll 10 you have nothing to lose. Why not take advantage of Easy Pay too and put your best Doll 10 face forwards!

You can also find out about my latest fashion shoot to promote our Fashion event right here.

Best wishes and have a great Easter weekend!

Jilly xxx

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  1. Hi jilly did you start february 1994 on qvc making you maybe the 2nd longest presenter qvc maybe apart from julia roberts how dod you and julia get get on well.

    1. Yes! I guess I am the second longest, not sure about the second oldest though I’ll keep that one a secret!
      Love Julia, she is an amazing lady and an incredibly professional presenter with a fab sense of humour too, plus she always sends me chocolate coins at Christmas !
      Take care,
      Jilly xxx

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