To tan or not to tan, that is the question!

Hi everyone,

I hope this blog finds you all well and still staying safe. I must admit I have so been enjoying beginning to see friends and family again and acclimatising to our new kind of normal, that the month has simply been running away with me. The old saying of  ‘busy doing nothing’ really rings true at the moment. The highlight of the month has been the phone call that we’ve all been waiting for… yes! The hairdressers! I’m so excited to have a hair appointment in the diary! Yay! I love my Color Wow and it has truly been a lifesaver but it’s time to banish the grey and I really can’t wait.

Meanwhile, the weather has been simply glorious and I’ve been soaking up the sun a la back garden once again, with my trusty Ultrasun Glimmer SPF 20 in hand and of course my Ultrasun Face SPF 30 which I’m loving, especially as it’s keeping my dry skin really hydrated, without the need for another moisturiser. I love having a tan but I’m a great advocate of tanning safely, especially in the UK. I think most of us are quite good on our holidays abroad but tend to neglect our suncare in our parks and back gardens, and with a lot of us looking at staying put for the foreseeable future, it’s worth making sure you are doing your best at protecting your skin and I promise you, you can still get an amazing tan. I did brave a bikini in the garden (which is why you just have a picture of my feet, ha ha). I know it’s not comparable to being near a pool or the beach but it’s the next best thing and there’s always the hose to cool down so who needs a pool? (Me!)

Anyway, while I’m dreaming on my sun lounger of somewhere exotic, back indoors it’s business as usual with more housework, it seems, than ever before. With everyone in the house 24/7 it’s a never ending circle of cooking and cleaning and picking up stuff. I’m just longing for the day that I can go out and eat, no cooking no washing up, I’ll never take a restaurant meal for granted ever again. As for the housework, it’s like painting the fourth bridge, as soon as I have finished, I nip to the loo and the place is messy again. Inevitable I guess with all of us and the dog running round day in day out, but luckily I have the latest Gtech innovation to help me!

The top of the range Gtech Air Ram is featuring as a Today’s Special Value later this week and it’s the perfect addition to your armoury against those pesky household chores. I think vacuuming is so repetitive and totally boring so being able to keep on top of it with quick pick-ups that are cord free is an absolute must. The Air Ram Mk2 makes it super snappy, effortlessly moving from carpets to hard floors without the need to change settings and with a 40 minute run time I’ve been able to whizz round the whole house without running out of charge, which is a huge bonus. Once I’m in the zone for cleaning there is nothing worse than a machine that just can’t keep up.

The Air Ram is fantastic for the stairs too at only 3.5kg this machine packs a powerful cleaning punch but its lightweight and safe to manoeuvre, and wait until you see how low it will go under beds and sofa’s leaving no dirt or dust behind, it’s low profile and tilt action is second to none.

So now I’ve got those boring jobs done in record time, it means I can spend more time on my tan!

All I need now is a pina colada!

Take care,

Jilly x

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