Welcome 2022!

Hi everyone and firstly let me wish you a very Happy New Year, with lots of good times and of course good health coming your way in 2022.

With a bit of luck you will have had a great Christmas and hopefully will have been able to catch up with friends and family. I know some people may have been isolating over Christmas but are now free to enjoy seeing everyone again, although we are all still well aware of keeping each other safe at least we can see a better year on the horizon.

I had a lovely family Christmas with my Sister at the helm once again, ensuring we all had an amazing day. I must admit I’ve been in that time lapse between Christmas and New Year where you’re not quite sure what day it actually is!

Anyway onwards and upwards to 2022 and all those gorgeous new items that will be flooding through our doors. I hope you have managed to take advantage of the QVC Year End Clearance Sale! I’ve seen some incredible bargains over the last week and then with our ‘SALE15’ code you can get an extra 15% off all our Clearance prices which is incredible, but hurry you only have until the 9th of January to grab those Sale deals.

Of course with our Today’s Special Value offers, every day is like a Sale day at QVC! I know many people who set their alarms for 9pm every night so they never miss what’s on offer. Now if it’s jewellery you are after, let me tell you there’s a stunning Lola Rose TSV featuring all day today (Tuesday 4th January) at a fantastic price.

Nikki Gewirtz is the creator, designer and inspiration of all that defines the Lola Rose company and she has been bringing us her semi-precious jewellery masterpieces now for many years and we simply adore the collection.

The TSV offer is the Buddy Heart necklace, so a piece that would be perfect as a treat for yourself or mother to daughter, a beloved friend or maybe something that could be tucked away for Valentine’s!

Oh yes whether we like it or not, all those memorable milestone occasions will be hitting us once again. Before we know it, it will be time for Christmas in July!

Happy New Year,
Jilly xxx

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  1. Happy 2022 ! Love your presenting skills and no showing off . Keep doing what you are doing – the viewers I think really just want info about the products .End of …… Congrats .

  2. JHi Jilly happy new year to you all. Just seen an old repeat QVC show heated gloves and we both thought how nice you looked with your hair up. You haven’t changed since we last saw you. Love to all.

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