24 hours of colour, sparkle and shine!

I hope you’re well and thanks for joining me for this special blog. I’m going to be chatting all about Jewellery Day as it’s just around the corner. In fact, it is this Friday 2nd July and I’m really excited about all that we have in store for you.

Here at QVC we have a wonderful variety of jewellery – there really is something for everyone, so if you’re not really aware of our jewellery or perhaps only catch the odd Diamonique show, then I strongly suggest dipping in on Friday if you can. From simple silver to premier tanzanite to Diamonique and, of course, a fabulous Today’s Special Value from Lola Rose, it’s set to be a day of sparkling beauty for sure.

I’ll be joining you on air for three hours in the morning with a lovely mix of things. At 9am, Anna Black will join me for a mixed hour where we can show off just what we have in store for the day to come. Then I’ll be bringing you a full hour of our Diamonique range… if you’ve never seen it before, it is simulated D Flawless diamonds and we have a huge amount of designs to choose from. Then, at midday, Letitia will be joining me via video call for a full hour of Bronzo Italia. They have recently launched lots of fab new lines, including some with stones like rose quartz and amazonite in and I am really looking forward to chatting about them with you and, of course, Letitia.

That is just where the fun starts obviously, as the day is packed with other amazing shows including Tova’s Diamonique range, Clogau Welsh gold and Lola Rose to name but a few. However, I also want to point you in the direction of my Instagram. That is because, as QVC’s Jewellery Insider, I am going to be going live on Instagram in the afternoon with three of our guests who will be bringing you some big shows on the day. Here’s what I have planned:

  • At 1.30pm, I will be chatting live to Melissa Odabash all about her Diamonique range ahead of her show at 2pm.
  • At 2.30pm, Hannah Clemmow will be joining me to talk all about Fire Light Diamonds. I was keen to chat to Hannah, not only because she’s a good friend of mine but also because our Fire Light range of laboratory-grown diamonds is so amazing and I thought you might have some questions for her about them (please do send them over to me if you do).
  • And finally, at 3.30pm, I will be chin-wagging with the Lola Rose ladies ahead of their 4pm show and what’s coming up for Lola Rose at QVC.

How exciting! I am so, so looking forward to talking to all these fabulous ladies on the day and, as I say, if you have any questions for any of them, then please feel free to leave them as a comment below and make sure you join the live chats on my Instagram, @kathryn_goldsmith. I’m also planning to show you lots of what is going on behind the scenes on my Instagram stories too, so make sure you’re following so you don’t miss out!

I’ll also be popping up on the official QVC Instagram at 4pm to bring you the first ever Jewelllery Insider Live. This is going to be a little series that you can catch at the start of every month, where I can give you some insider information about what’s coming up during the month jewellery-wise. They’ll be saved in case you can’t catch them live, but I’m really pleased to be able to have a little chat with you each month in this way.

I should also mention the Today’s Special Value from Lola Rose; it is a set called Freddie, which comprises two bracelets, a chunkier one and a more slimline style. As is usual with the brand, the options are all different mixes of semi-precious stones and there will something for everyone, from neutrals to serious pops of bright colour. I like this set because you can keep them both yourself and stack or wear separately, but equally, you can split these into two gifts or if you like a chunkier style for example, you could give the daintier one as a gift. Not sure I’d part with either, though!

As someone who loves jewellery, this day is one of massive excitement for me and I hope you will enjoy it too. Let me know which shows you’ll be looking forward to most or even what your favourite piece of jewellery you’ve got from QVC is… I just love to hear about other people’s jewellery!

I’ve been chatting loads to the jewellery buyers lately and there is so much exciting stuff coming up throughout July – Jewellery day is just the beginning so keep your eyes peeled. Again, I’ll be posting lots about it on my Instagram as Jewellery Insider, so make sure you’re following for the inside scoop.

So that’s Friday 2nd July that needs to be in your calendar for Jewellery Day. I hope to see you there and comment below for questions for my guests or anything else you’d like to see “behind the scenes” on the day.

Take care and keep sparkling!
Kathryn x

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