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I hope you’re doing really well and thanks for joining me for another blog. As I write, the rain is pouring, which I think is great because our garden really, really needs it. There’s something nice about a good bit of rain at this time of year after it’s been dry, don’t you think? Everything seems to come back so lush and green afterwards.

I’ve been doing lots of gardening shows lately and getting loads of inspiration for my own. We’ve finally booked baby Beatrice’s Christening for September (fingers crossed) and I am hoping to have the garden looking fabulous by then so that we can just have a few sandwiches and cakes there after the service. Please feel free to let me know about any of your favourite plants that will look great in late summer!

I did a de Jager show on Saturday and we had so many lovely bulbs for next spring including daffodils and tulips and I think I might order some to improve my spring display next year because it hasn’t been great this one.

If you’re also planning on spending plenty of time in the garden, or actually just find yourself being outside a lot more now that restrictions are easing, then make sure you pick up our beauty Supersize of the Month. It’s the Tan Activator from Ultrasun. It’s really clever because it’s giving you that amazing Ultrasun SPF protection but it also helps you tan quicker and better. It basically maximises every moment in the sun, even if that’s just popping to the corner shop.

And of course, after all that gardening and sunshine, you’ll be hoping for a good, comfortable night’s sleep! Well, tonight (Weds 6th) at 9pm, we have a new Today’s Special Value launching from Northern Nights. It’s a set of two PUR Feather Pillows with Gussets.

There’s a couple of things that make these pillows different. Firstly, as the name suggests, they have a gusset, which means you get great support for your head and neck right to the edge of the pillow, and secondly, the PUR feather filling is a clever idea where they remove the quills from the feathers so they are really soft and down-like and there’s no risk of being spiked by one in the middle of the night!

I’ve got the option that includes one medium and one firm pillow but there will also be options for just medium or just firm. I tend to sleep right on the edge of my pillows and I do like a feather filling so this often means that I don’t get much support, but I’ve found these to be really great.

I’ll also mention the Today’s Special Value for the 7th May too. It will be these fab Prime Stretch Denim Crop Trousers with tummy control from Women with Control. If you love the look of denim but want real comfort and FOUR WAY stretch, then you’ll love these. I’ve gone for the black option as I know I’ll wear them loads but there’s a great choice of colours for summer too. I spend a lot of time on the floor these days playing with Beatrice and can take her to baby classes etc. again now, so these are perfect because they look good but I’ve still got loads of movement.

Lastly, if you don’t follow me on social media then you might have missed my “most worn” from my monthly jewellery selection so I’ll share them here too. I’ve worn a lot more of the classic Diamonique stones this month rather than coloured stones and all three of these pieces have been great to mix and match. I love the placement of the stones in this necklace, they really create a focal point on the decollete. It has three choices of where to fasten too so I’ve been able to wear this with lots of different necklines.

This ring is a lovely twist on a classic solitaire with it millegrain and filligree work around the shank, plus simulated diamonds all the way around. One that people will definitely comment on.

And then the earrings… lots of sparkle to be had here with the page set stones but the oval disc design actually makes them really easy to pair back to casual outfits as much as formal ones too, because they aren’t too fussy. Drop earrings aren’t just for evening wear, you know!

Right, that’s it from me for this week. Before I go though I just want to say, if you love your jewellery then make sure you follow me on Instagram (@kathryn_goldsmith) because there’s something rather exciting coming up! I’ll reveal in my next blog too, but you’ll want to be keeping an eye on my feed next week or you might miss out!

See you soon,
Kathryn x

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  1. Hi Kathryn

    Couldn’t agree more about the rain, not just for our gardens but also for the farmers.

    Re flowers for autumn I suggest dahlias (you can get some with open centres for the bees like bishop of llanduff), asters (my fav is ‘munch’ /monarch) – some varieties get mildew so best to avoid, sedums eg matrona , and verbena bonariensis (loved by small tortoiseshell).

    Hope you have a lovely day in September

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