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Hello! How are you?

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve just written a general catch up blog without some sort of theme, so here I am for just that. A catch up on life but also a couple of great things coming up on QVC over the next few weeks.

So, where to start? Life feels like it has been pretty busy lately. We had Beatrice’s first birthday in July and celebrated with a little BBQ in our garden. She absolutely loved it! As she’s been a bit of a “lockdown baby”, we weren’t sure if she might be a bit overwhelmed by lots of people around her all at once but she really enjoyed herself with all the different people to play with and new toys she was spoiled with. No idea where she gets the attention seeking gene from?!!

Here is a photo of poor Monty dog having to deal with Beatrice’s favourite present, which is a talking and singing toaster. I think his face says it all, bless him… he does put up with a lot! The problem is Beatrice loves him very much and tries to be nice and share her toys with him but, as you can see, he doesn’t take much joy from it! Ha!

People are so right when they say life flies by with little ones and it’s amazing to see her constantly learning new things and starting to say a couple of words. Much more “DaDa” than “Mama” annoyingly! I am looking forward to watching her learn and grow over the next year, I’m just wondering when it gets less exhausting!

Just before her birthday we FINALLY, I repeat, FIIIINALLY, had some beautiful wood flooring laid in our dining room. It’s been four years of a manky old off-cut of carpet over the concrete floor in there and at last it looks like a real room. The job wasn’t straight forward (it is ever?) but it was done eventually, and we are so happy with how it looks. Now we just need to paint the architrave in there and find some artwork to go on the walls.

The house is so nearly done. The last two big jobs are tiling the hallway floor downstairs and carpeting the stairs and hall upstairs, which are looking like they might actually be done in time for Beatrice’s christening in September… woohoo! I am SO excited for these jobs to be done as it really will totally change the feel of the house, so it doesn’t feel half done as soon as you walk in. It’s taken years of chaos and doing bits here and there, but we might nearly have a nice house right the way through. Although the spare room is now permanently my husband’s workspace so I think a little re-jigging might have to happen in there too.

So, as I said, Beatrice’s christening is booked in for early September and as well as a cute white dress for her, I’m looking for something for me. Have you seen our fairly new range from Finery? Oh they are right up my street with lots of pretty floral numbers. I might just have to get one for my girls big day… we will see.

At QVC it’s been very busy and so much exciting stuff is coming up. Don’t forget that I am now QVC’s jewellery insider which means I’m getting the inside scoop on what’s coming up jewellery-wise ahead of time. I’m sharing lots of this info at the beginning of each month with a Live on the Q Instagram page so keep an eye out for that. August’s is still there for you to see. I was talking about there now being a dedicated place on the website to shop for anniversary jewellery so if you have a big one coming up it’s worth checking that out… or sending the link to your partner! Also, have a look at my Instagram page for my three ways to wear our Diamonique Design of the Month which is a lovely, blingy watch.

September is going to be big news for our jewellery department… there is so so much to be excited about for that month and I can’t wait to share more with you soon.

Now we have a fab Today’s Special Value launching tonight (Wednesday 18th) and running through Thursday from UKLash. It’s a chance to try or stock up on both the Eyelash and Eyebrow Conditioning Serums from this fab company. If you would like more luscious lashes and thicker looking brows that are in better condition then these are the products to try and the price that we have for this duo is incredible.

QVC is also currently the only place you can get these as a duo. With an extended money back guarantee, it is a perfect time to try UKLash out and see what it can do for you. I love the idea of these products especially because I now have less and less time for make-up, so something like this can help boost my confidence on days where I don’t have the time at all!

We’ve got some really fab Big Deals running at the moment too. A special mention has to go to the trio of Molton Brown Rosa Absolut Shower Gels, which are excellent value and come in a very festive looking bag if you’re shopping ahead of time and also the Skechers Flex Renew Shimmer Show Slip-On Shoe. The latter I know has been really popular on air as I presented it a few times last week and they are so comfy. The advice is to go down half a size unless you have a particularly wide foot and I have to agree that half a size down was perfect for me.

Right, that’s it from me for now. I reckon I’ve got ten minutes to get the washing hung out on the line before the tiny dictator is back up and and the madness commences once again. I wonder what I did with all my free time before…?!

Have a wonderful couple of weeks and I’ll see you back here soon.

Kathryn x

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  1. Hi Kathryn. My son suffers from mental health issues and has done so for 25 years. As you can no doubt imagine, Covid has made things a whole lot worse. He was feeling quite ill yesterday, but was cheered up significantly by your shows with Jackie Joseph and the Le Creuset one on Thurs 26 April. He lives with me, and we watch QVC every day. Just wanted to say thank you very much. Take care

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