A sunny return from Cornwall

Hello! I hope you’re well and have been able to enjoy a bit of sunshine this week. I know for a lot of people a bit of sunshine can make all the difference to your mood so hopefully there are a few more happy faces out there.

I’ve been really lucky and went on a little holiday to Cornwall. We tend to go every year with my family around this time and it just so happened that it fell just as we were allowed to go away, so we were still able to go. Unfortunately, that meant a lot of other people did too and it took a LOT longer than expected to get home on Friday. Big queues of traffic with a baby and a dog in the car… not great!


However, it was so nice to get away, even with predominantly rainy weather. I love Cornwall and it has been ages since we’ve had a blast of some sea air, which I think is good for the soul. Baby Beatrice loved being with her grandparents every day and having more people to play with and we took her to the beach a few times. I wouldn’t say she loved it as I think it was a bit windy for her still. The three dogs, however, LOVED it! My Mum and Dad’s dog Pearl particularly loves the sea and it is her favourite thing to chase a ball in and out of the waves. There’s not much that beats a lovely stroll on the beach watching three dogs running around like loons in and out of the water and the baby giggling at them.

We found a new place for a cream tea too and it was excellent. The scones were still warm out of the oven and I particularly loved all the proper, matching China. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned but I have a bit of a thing for proper, old China… I love it. I think I have four or five full teas sets in a box somewhere and lots of pretty patterned plates. My dream is to one day have a house big enough for a big old Welsh dresser to put them in because I’d love to use them more.

We’ve come back to a complete wilderness of a garden… what a difference a week makes! So I’m just about to get the shears out and sort the hedges and some weeding is definitely on the cards. Oh, I do hate weeding! I bought some of Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic for my husband and he is very much in charge of the lawn, so once he’s mowed that then we might pop some of it on today as the grass could really do with some TLC. Not sure Monty will be pleased though… he is really enjoying the long grass.

We’ve got loads going on at QVC and, it being the beginning of the month, we have a brand new Beauty Pick of the Month and Supersize of the Month. The latter is from IT Cosmetics (one of my absolute fave make up brands) and it’s a supersize of their Bye Bye Undereye Concealer. It’s so great to have this in a supersize because you only ever need to use a tiny amount so it will last you aaages. I wear the lightest shade, which is called (no surprises here) Light. The tube is mess free for using out and about and doesn’t deliver too much product when you use it. The concealer itself is lovely and creamy and boy does it last… it doesn’t move throughout the day at all.

I also just want to give you a heads up on a couple of Today’s Special Values that are on the way. On Friday 4th June (so, launching Thursday at 9pm) we have the Oscy necklace from Lola Rose. It’s whopping 58 inches of semi-precious stones and comes in four colour options ranging from pastel to brights. I’ve got the Turquoise Blue Magnesite option here, which I think is a lovely option for setting off summer pastels or stepping up a neutral toned outfit. Strand necklaces like this are great because you can wear them in lots of different ways and there’s no clasps so if you’re getting ready in a hurry, you can just sling this round your neck and know you’re going to look fabulous. If you’re on Instagram then look out for a reel of my three ways to wear this one.

The other Today’s Special Value that’s already causing a stir is from the lovely Ruth Langsford. It’s a pack of two tees, one with a pretty and modern beaded heart motif. Again, there’s a great selection of colours… my white one here comes with a plain grey top but there are brighter choices too, of course. The fabric feels so soft and smooth and the cut is really flattering for a T-shirt. I’ve tucked mine here but it looks great left out too. The value for the quality of this is going to be great. It’s launching at 9pm on Friday 4th so make sure you tune in then… Ruth’s Today’s Special Values don’t tend to last long!

That’s it from me for this week. I hope the rest of your week is filled with sunshine and happiness. I’m off to tackle the wilderness that my garden has become. First job is to tie in my Kieth Hammet sweet peas… really can’t wait for them to flower later in the summer.

Take care,
Kathryn x

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